Technologies that Moving Companies Can Use to Enhance Their Services

Technology has not only become an integral part of every industry but of our lives in general too. No matter what is the size or type of business, operations are fully dependent on technology. Technological innovations are enabling every business to provide better quality services to its clients and the moving industry is no exception. Technology can help a moving company in providing a convenient and smooth moving experience to its clients. Moving is a very tedious and overwhelming process even for the moving companies as each move is different but they can handle it in a much easier way by using the right technology.

While technology can help every business in many ways, there are certain kinds of technologies that can help a moving company in serving their customers better.

Web Portals

Most service-providing companies are using online web portals to reach their customers directly so are some professional movers. The top rated national movers associated with Pricing Van Lines, a reputed moving service platform, are approaching a wide range of customers by using online web portals.

Here are some benefits that moving companies are getting by using web portals:

  • Clients can reach the companies online instead of visiting their offices physically. It makes the process quicker as it saves time for both the company and client as the customer can explore multiple companies by visiting their websites and can learn about their services and pricing.
  • A self-booking app technology can enable clients to schedule and control their moves easily.
  • Clients can have a better idea of the moving cost by using moving cost calculator technology. All they have to do is to enter the required information and the online cost calculator will calculate the estimated cost for them.
  • Moving companies can provide 24×7 customer support services by using Artificial Intelligence technology. Chatbots have become a part of every industry by now that helps clients in every way possible.

A CRM System

You can serve your clients well if you have all the necessary information handy with you. A CRM system ensures the smooth operations of a company as it is a collection of tools that improves and enhances your business efficacy. Tools like lead management, virtual surveying, eSignatures, and document generators, etc. help a company organizing information well.

Mobile Driver Apps

The use of mobile driver apps doesn’t only make it easier for the company but also for the customers to track their goods at any point in time. Mobile driver apps make the process quicker, smoother, and convenient with the use of features like integrated imaging and paperless documents. Mobile driver apps enable the users to track the moving vehicle throughout transit.

Smart Packaging

As we all know that packing is the most difficult and time-consuming task in the moving process. Most moving companies provide packing services to their clients so they can use smart packing techniques to ensure better services. Smart packing solutions may include the use of radio-frequency identification codes as these codes can be printed onto the packed boxes or can be even integrated into them. The designated mobile device will receive signals from the radio frequency identification technology that helps customers to know about the status and current location of their boxes. Also, it relaxes the customers about the safety of their goods by eliminating any chance of theft during transit. Some companies even consider using sensors technology to ensure and monitor the condition of goods during transit.


A Global Positioning System is the most commonly used technology as every individual is using it in their day-to-day life to search for their desired locations. Needless to say that GPS has changed the working of moving companies as it allows their clients to track their stuff from any location in the world. The clients can have the updated information at any point in time during transit and also they will be able to track their goods without calling their service-providing company. The use of GPS will create total transparency between the moving company and the client that will build trust.

Digital Payment

Cashless transactions have become a part of our lives and we intend to make payments online in every condition. The digital payment methods are not only convenient to use but they also keep a track of payments made. This enables the companies to track the payment record of any client at any point in time or when the need be. Clients find it easy to pay online and get rid of cash transactions as they can maintain the history of their transactions by using online banking or by using cash transferring apps.

Though moving is a very tiresome and life-changing event, the process has become much easier with the use of the right technology. If you too are moving your home in the near future, it is wise to hire a moving company that uses the above-said technologies to have a safe and smooth moving experience.

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