What Is the Point of ServiceNow Problem Management?

Your IT service management system might be working at its full capacity but if your team is still flooded with incidents that need to be managed then ServiceNow problem management and incident management could be your savior. 

Let’s talk about this in detail. But first why don’t go through these articles about legacy system modernization and how companies are bringing sustainability to the forefront first. 

Problem Management

Incident management is important but if a company solely focuses on incident management it won’t reduce the quantity of incidents happening daily, which will affect the workflow efficiency. This is why problem management software are important. 

They help you identify the root causes of the incidents through a sophisticated problem analysis. You will be given a solution which will solve the deep rooted problems in your system. Problem management software identify the problems that lead to incidents in advance and prevent incidents from happening. 

ServiceNow Problem Management

No process is without challenges, the same goes for problem management. The following challenges exist in servicenow problem management. Let’s discuss them and the way in which they are addressed by servicenow. 

Additional Efforts

You will be required to make efforts in the beginning to set a process flow. Then your IT team will come and analyze every incident and link it to a problem without a break. Servicenow will reduce the incidents occurring if you configure it properly. 

This in return will improve the quality of the service provided by you and leave your customers satisfied. 

Sticking Incident to Problem

When an incident occurs, relating it to a relevant problem can be tricky. It often happens that a service manager overlooks an existing problem and creates a duplicate. In such cases too much energy and effort is spent on the same problem twice. 

ServiceNow can help you avoid these issues. It is based on algorithms and business rules which help you prevent making such mistakes. 

Right Time for Creating Problem

There is a right time for creating problem. The question is, is it when one incident has occurred or several similar incidents? Also, how would know if the incidents are similar. Servicenow lets you create a problem when you are solving an incident. 

In order to understand whether the incidents are similar, you should use a combination of approaches. Such as automated tools like BSM visualization, agile search in the known error database, competence of your IT team and configuration management database. 

It doesn’t matter if different IT specialists process the incidents. They can check if there is any related information in the knowledge base when recording the problem. 

Final Words

IT infrastructure library management is bigger than incident management. It focuses on the whole life cycle of the problem occurring. Problem management allows a company to gain efficiency, reduce negative effects of incidents and improve user satisfaction. 

Problem management also allows proactive incident prevention. There are challenges to problem management but servicenow has the capabilities to solve them effectively. 

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