The world is attracted to one game type that no one can resist. That is card games. Card games are versatile and everyone has their own version of playing card games. Some might even end up creating new games or play for long hours every day. Many orthodox people consider playing cards as a gamble but most card games are played in Olympics and commonwealth games at the national and international level and thus are quite creative and helpful. But if you are unable to play these games with friends, considering the situation and want to partake in a competition, Fantasy Sports are the one for you!

First, we’ll give you a brief of what fantasy sports are and then look into one of the major fantasy card games, poker game! Fantasy Sports are just online league games, where the individual creates a team of their favourite players for that sport and their virtual attendance will allow them to play. Here, they invest in players with the virtual money provided and get points as per the players’ real points. And in poker, something similar takes place. Poker is quite easy but it takes some time to learn. Each person has distributed 2 cards and when the cards on the table are flapped showing a pair or an order, people get points or money, depending on what they are playing for. 

poker has various ways of playing. Some poker games include winning via the number of points your proxy player wins each round. Some of them play for the position of managers of poker pro players. These are based on actual leagues played in real life. Once that league is over, the participants count their points on the poker application or website. If you have the highest points among other players, you win the poker. Most of these applications give you a cashback if you win, others provide you with some other offer. On these apps, you can challenge your friends as well and create a whole new league with them too. How to play poker forms a wide world of poker leagues for players from all over the world. Most of these leagues are for poker Managers and applications like Global Poker Index, or Poker Fuse, or 25K Fantasy are known for participants to play poker leagues. The leagues that are played on these websites include the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), the European Poker Tour (EPT), and the World Poker Tour (WPT). Apart from this, poker is also played online but not as a fantasy sport.


Fantasy Sports are a great way to take interest in the actual game as well as playing the same online. It’s a way of rooting for your team more than just cheering and earn some money out of it too. Poker is a game that requires logic and skills to be in your hand to win it. Thus, it is not just based on luck! And poker totally proves that! We hope you have fun and win one of these leagues!

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