Paul Haarman assures renters they can keep receiving financial support from the government

The Covid19 pandemic caused too many financial hardships as people lost jobs and found it extremely difficult to keep up with the household expenses. As businesses came to a sudden halt due to the extensive lockdowns, stocks tumbled. People remained confined at homes to comply with the government healthcare advisories. The worst-hit were those who had to pay house rent, feels Paul Haarman. While the government came forward with a bagful of fiscal stimulus packages for individuals, it also recognized the financial hardship faced by renters. As a sign of the government’s support, the US Congress introduced the federal eviction moratorium to provide some relief to renters.

The scheme is due to end on June 30, and with not fresh schemes insight, those who are still jobless or unable to assure regular income would once again face the broad side of the economic downturn during the pandemic. However, there is a silver lining for the people facing the dark clouds of uncertainty once again.  To overcome the concern, this group of people can explore the possibility of receiving a coronavirus renters’ stimulus check.

Coronavirus stimulus check for renters

Renters had a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic due to the sudden stoppage or lowering of income. Employers took to termination, layoffs, furloughs, and other employee hurting measures to keep the losses low. The pandemic was a test for everyone’s survival, both health-wise and financially, feels Paul Haarman. The only relief for renters was the government’s orders banning evictions and the stimulus checks that helped many of them pay the monthly rent. Yet 14% of renters are behind their rent payment, as revealed in a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities study.

As June 30 is approaching, and the moratorium on eviction is about to end, renters would again become vulnerable to eviction. A study by the University of California shows that $20 million is the total rent outstanding from 6 million renters.

It is mainly going to be quite bad for those who are still out of a job, and the threat of eviction looms large. But there is hope amid the gloom because you may be eligible for some stimulus cash that you can use for paying rent. It is part of the stimulus package approved by Congress as part of the emergency rental aid.

Check your eligibility and apply

The stimulus package aimed at supporting renters during the pandemic amount to $42 billion, and those struggling to pay their rent and other utilities can benefit from it. To avail of the money, you must apply for it, and to qualify, you must show that at least one member of your household is eligible for unemployment benefits.  Otherwise, you must prove that you cannot pay rent due to the adverse effects of the pandemic on your finances. A third option is to demonstrate the risk of housing instability or homelessness that can help you to qualify.

Contact your local government agency or housing authority if you are sure of being able to prove your eligibility.

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