Instagram Content – How It Has Evolved Since COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak and Lockdown

Instagram Stories did help brands to supercharge their content strategy amid the COVID-19 crisis. Since March 2020, IG Stories witnessed a 40 percent spike in traffic and more users hooked to stories content amid stay-at-home orders and lockdown in the US and the world. Businesses, big and small are making the most out of these trends. Based on the findings of a March 2020 poll, 75 percent of IG influencers in Italy did post stories content from the comfort of their homes. According to an article published in TechCrunch, Instagram is trying its best to keep coronavirus helpful tips and ideas on the top of feeds.

One study shows that almost 80 percent of Instagram influencers are experiencing rates of engagement than they had before 2020. Create quality content related to the corona crisis, useful tips, and beneficial information. Read on to learn more.

Successful examples of Instagram Stories

Another report says that influencers are posting around 6.1 stories daily, which is a 15 percent rise, implying a 21 percent spike in when it comes to Stories’ impressions. You too can achieve such goals and garner more and more Instagram followers. The same is happening in the US with influencers and brands using IG Stories more often and garnering more engagement and views. You can manage to buy 20 likes initially, as a small brand, and improve later.

Smart brands are making the most of the situation and creating Instagram content accordingly. For instance, Sephora declared a partnership with IG, of late, creating an online storefront through which audiences can directly check out from stories or feed and earn loyalty points from Sephora.

Again, several persona care brands such as Mustela, Pampers, Puracy, and Native are making the most out of IG Stories to educate as well as build audience engagement to discover more about them.

Reaping the maximum benefits out of Instagram Stories

Brands are now using Instagram Stories amid the corona pandemic to grow more on social media since March 2020 and thereafter. The social media site offers some useful advice on the ways to succeed when it comes to stories. Even Canva designed many free templates for IG Stories. Therefore, you do not require design expertise to create marketing campaigns focusing on COVID-19. Then, your content should be thoughtful and beneficial to the community at these troubled times. You can use the free templates but we recommend you develop some basic design skills to make your IG posts stand out from the rest.

You can reap the maximum benefits out of stories by understanding your customers deeply and learning where and when they would like to shop. If you would like to see your business survive amid lockdowns, you need to use the best IG tools and create a unique shopping experience so that you can unleash the possibilities of social commerce.

You need to research a few tools and see which one is best for your Instagram strategy so that you can create corona-related campaigns successfully.

Focusing on Instagram Reels

Just because you are using IG Stories to create awesome content, it does not mean you cannot use Instagram Reels to create COVID-19 related content. You can create a unique video experience and reach out to your existing and potential audiences.

Brands have already started using Reels to connect with their followers and customers on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media app. For instance, a popular IG influencer shared similar content on TikTok and Instagram and garnered 21 million views in a day and another 17 million views in just three days respectively.

More and more businesses will make the best use of Reels together with influencers. They are sure to achieve success since Instagram has a huge user base. The right mix of marketing channels is best for brand promotion amid the pandemic. Did you know some brands use as many as 29 channels to build engagement as well as business opportunities using Instagram tools or applications? If you have the creativity, you must make the most of IG tools to create awesome content that is beneficial amid social distancing and lockdowns.

Sticker content

Instagram has also launched new, innovative Stickers to help you share precise corona-related information through Instagram Stories. Such features include alerts to wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use alcohol-based sanitizers, wear masks, and maintain social distancing when going out for emergency reasons. You will find the sticker option in cameras in the days to come. To learn more about Instagram tools, look up IIgers or similar platforms.

Instagram has also included another new feature. You will notice at the top of IG feeds the names of countries affected by the deadly virus. The notice incorporates dependable information from credible sources, especially health establishments. IG is also highlighting essential resources from such organizations when users see relevant hashtags.

Accurate content updates

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Instagram has taken the right steps to help people access correct information to stay safe at these troubled times. The common content updates are:

  • The addition of stickers to promote the precise information
  • Adding more educational resources in IG search
  • Introduction of the donation sticker in more nations so that people can support the non-profit organizations amid the pandemic
  • Getting rid of corona-related accounts from recommendations unless the content is posted by a reliable health organization
  • Building a shared story to help people practicing social distancing connect with others by using the ‘Stay Home’ sticker

Media sharing

For helping people to stay connected, IG has a media-sharing feature that lets you see IG posts with your buddies over video chat. All you need to do is start a video chat by tapping on the icon in your Direct Inbox, or a current direct thread.


Instagram content, be it stories, reels, stickers, or content updates related to COVID-19, all help to ensure safety, maintain hygiene, and motivate support to non-profits amid the pandemic. Brands, individuals, and support groups are making the best use of Instagram to make content more relevant to the pandemic, information that benefits the community.

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