How is Hardwood Flooring made? The tech behind the process

Hardwood flooring is the most used medium to remodel or refurbish one’s flooring. In this, wooden planks are used to cover the floor which makes it entirely more enchanting and durable. However, this is not just it. The best Dallas flooring companies explain that the flooring that you desire for your house is available in more than just one means. 

The main choice you have to make in choosing your flooring is whether you want it to be finished or unfinished. Each one has its pros and cons. However, this choice can greatly affect the further choice you are going to make in flooring materials. 

Finished Hardwood Flooring

Finished hardwood flooring is a well-known type of flooring. In this, when the hardwood flooring is made, it is industrially polished and featured right there and then. These floorings are coated with a highly durable wear layer to make these long-lasting and waterproof. Aluminum oxide or polyurethane is generally used to coat these flooring. These are also known as “lower grade” floorings because these can also be used in basements. 

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring 

The unfinished hardwood floorings are wood planks that are directly made into planks. These are not sanded or given a factory finish. These are prone to rear and tear and also cannot be directly used as flooring. These might not seem all that better but these are greatly used for they can be modified by the retailers to the extent they want. They can craft floorings to their desires. Besides, these are also cheap. Once given proper finish, sanded, and coated with a fine wear layer, these become as better as finished hardwood floorings. 

Once acquainted with the type of finish that you desire for your flooring. The further problem that arises is which type of flooring material will be best durable for your house or which will be the superior choice. To solve this dilemma, given below are the best-known hardwood flooring materials. 

Solid Hardwood Flooring 

The quality of these planks is derived from the type of trees that they are taken from. The trees that are better suited to be made into solid planks are cut down. The logs of these trees are cut into rough planks in factories. Then these planks are given tongue and groove edges. These are cut into the plank by a machine. These grooves are what help in fitting a solid wood plank with another plank and further some in the same order. 

Then these planks are separated as finished and unfinished. Those which are to be given a finish are sanded properly and given thorough measurements. These then are coated with a good wear layer. While others are directly sent for dispatch. 

Solid hardwood flooring contracts and expands by the seasons. These are also not very supportive of moisture. Therefore, these cannot be used in humid areas, in basements, or directly over concrete. However, these can be defined as many times as a person wants. These can also be coated a large number of times. This only makes it more durable. 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

This flooring is a veneer of multiple layers of wood glued under certain plywood. This is what gives an actual look to this type of flooring. These two contain the same tongue and groove principle which helps in holding these together as one. The construction of these floorings mainly depends on the type of wood that is used underneath the plywood. The multiple layers of wood can be differently finished or might be produced in a certain different way to make these floorings more durable. Dry solid-saw or sliced peel are mainly ways using which the main wood in these floorings is refined. Further some, these woods are placed under the plywood in a crisscross fashion. This makes it difficult for them to expand or contract over the change of seasons. 

These are a better option compared to solid hardwood floorings because these can also be used in humid areas. These are also more durable than solid hardwood. However, these cannot be recoated or refurbished more than a couple of times. 

Acrylic Impregnated Hardwood Flooring

This flooring is considered to be an enhanced version of engineered hardwood flooring. In this type of flooring, liquid acrylic is directly induced in the wood to strengthen it. This provides additional support to the wood construction of engineered hardwood. This makes it further stronger and highly durable. 

To prepare this kind of hardwood, all the moisture is drained from the hardwood flooring, and then it is filled with liquid acrylic or fire retardants. These strengthen the internal structure of the flooring making it more compact and durable. 

These acrylic impregnated hardwood floorings do not contain any additional wear layer. These are already water repellent and completely perfect. These do not require additional finishing or any enhancements. 

Long strip Hardwood Flooring

This hardwood flooring contains multiple layers of wood in a certain order similar to engineered hardwood. The central layer of this hardwood is made of softwood while the top layer is hardwood. The quality of these floorings is dependent on the type of wood that is used in its manufacturing. This type of flooring is used mainly for installations that are near water bodies or are onto the water surface. 

These floorings are affordable and in case of damage, these can be easily replaced. These are available in a wide range of varieties. These are also waterproof to a great extent and are highly durable. 

There is always a critical tech behind the processing of hardwood floors. It is important that you select the right option and create amazing designs. 

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