Selecting the right Enterprise Online Survey Software

What is Enterprise Online Survey Software?

Enterprise survey software allows you to create and implement surveys and gather data to derive impactful insights from it. They are a great way to get in depth insights into your customers and employees’ satisfaction, get feedback about your products or understand customer needs. These insights can help you make the right decisions for your business in terms of products, employees or customers. With online survey tools, you can run any type of survey, from employee engagement, customer satisfaction surveys, transition feedback, event

surveys and much more. They help improve customer experience, employee experience and product experience.

Many online survey software are now available. To choose the best out of many offerings, a structured approach should be followed

Identifying needs

What survey do you want to conduct? Do you want to gauge the pulse of your employees? Or you wish to garner feedback from your customers. Or you need to get the pulse of people regarding a product that is in development? Once your area of choice has been identified, that brings us to the next step

Creating the Survey

This is an essential step as the entire process hinges on the quality of questions asked in the survey. Choose a software that has both functionality and ease of use.

Nowadays, most of the software has drag and drop functionality, which makes it easy to create surveys.

It is also important that a diverse number of question types like text input, NPS, radio, and complex questions are available. Skipping logic, branching is an added advantage and can be really useful while extensive surveys.

Aesthetics should also be considered as visually pleasing surveys can garner more responses than plain, bland ones.

Certain survey software also provides the option of integrating with rewards and incentives. Rewarding respondents for completing surveys significantly increases the response rate.

Implementing the Survey

This is also an important step as the reach of the survey is defined here. The more channels you can implement your survey in, the greater the probability of a healthy response rate. It should also be kept in mind that different people prefer different channels. The younger generation is online for the most part and would thus prefer online channels, while the older ones might prefer phone surveys or offline ones. Thus, the software must have the option to implement it on multiple channels. Last but not the least, there are many areas wherein internet connectivity is weak or non-existent. Omnichannel survey software provides solutions to create and implement surveys across multiple channels. Thus, there should also be an option to implement offline surveys. Keeping these in mind, you can maximize respondent data.

Analyzing Results

Once all the data is gathered, deriving impactful insights from it becomes a priority. For this purpose, the software should have an option to analyze and form reports to transform survey feedback data into actionable insights. Some software provides the option of running advanced stat analysis, weighing and cleaning respondent data in the system. This is useful especially in surveys related to research, where in depth analysis is necessary. Real-time updated dashboards are a welcome advantage. Dashboards are an engaging way to convey data stories effectively. Users can instantly see trends and relationships between data points. Dashboards are ideal for tracking studies, syndicated research, or any high-profile ad-hoc survey. Thus, having these features will ensure you derive significant insights from your data.

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