Fiber Internet Security: Protecting Your Data and Privacy

When choosing an internet provider for your home it’s normal to be concerned about price and speed, but something that should also factor into the decision is how well the provider protects your data and privacy. Cybercrime numbers have exploded in the past decade, affecting not just major corporations but businesses of all sizes, and yes, individuals as well. It’s something you probably weren’t too concerned about 10 years ago, but it should now be a priority. Just imagine what would happen if someone were to get hold of your personal information and details.

This is why fiber optic internet is looking like such an attractive option for homeowners. Here we’ll take a look at how fiber internet security helps in terms of protecting your data and privacy.

It Comes Down to How Data is Transmitted

The fact that fiber optic internet is a safer and more secure option may come as a surprise. This is because of how the data is transmitted. It travels almost at the speed of light across very thin strands of plastic fiber or glass. The faster the information and data travel, the harder it becomes for potential hackers to get their hands on it and interrupt that transmission. If you’re making their job hard, chances are they will move to the next cyber victim.

This also means you want to pay attention to the speeds offered by the provider. Again, the faster the information is traveling,the better in terms of security.

Used for Home Security Systems

It’s not just personal data and files that fiber optic internet helps with; if you have a smart home security system, you have added peace of mind. You can watch livestreams of your home and its exterior any time without lag and interruption that you may find with non-fiber internet providers. Home security can be a time-sensitive manner, which means you need to be able to react pretty much in realtime.

Some systems also have home monitoring sensors such as water/leak detection, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Again, you can count on fiber optic internet to provide uninterrupted monitoring.

Shop Around for the Right Provider and Package

Before you pick the first fiber optic internet provider you find, it’s important to do your research. Look into what packages are offered, what the extras are, the pricing, how much data it allows, the speed,etc. You also want to know that the provider stands behind their product and is there to help should any issues or outages occur. Take a look at how Xfinity internet customer service compares to that of other popular providers. Some use local customer support while others donot, which can have an impact on the support received.

Companies take data and privacy very seriously but it’s also time that individuals do the same. With cyber criminals lurking and hoping to gain access to your information, you must take a proactive approach and protect yourself. Fiber optic internet is a great and secure start.

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