During the pandemic, none of us has been able to go out, play with our friends and relive those old days. All we had to do was stay online and play games or attend lectures. Even our favourite matches were banned. Cricket is one of them. Then a sigh of relief came in when IPL started and we could sit at home and watch it, cheering for our favourite team! And not only that, along with it came the fun of supporting your team players via different methods. Earlier we used to collect Cricket Attacks cards but now, even that has gone digital and we play Fantasy Cricket app instead.

You must be wondering what are Fantasy Cricket promo code ? Well, Fantasy Sports is an online platform for the particular game you want to play. Each game has its league and in those leagues are individuals who form a team of players like a team manager and collect points based on the wins that player has. Giving an example to cricket, in Fantasy Cricket, players collect points if any player in their team scores a particular amount of runs. That is how fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular.

Fantasy Cricket is played just like that. On the applications or website where one can play Fantasy Cricket, people get virtual money to invest in players. They get a variety of players to choose from and can create a team from players from different teams in real life as well. Some of these applications may also request a minimal registration fee for you to get a chance to win. However, if you decide not to partake in the cash prize league, you could always choose not. You can also challenge your friends and form leagues with them. And all of these can be played worldwide.

Some of the applications that provide these offers are Gamezy, Fan Fight, Balle Baazi, and one of the most famous ones is Dream 11. Dream 11 was also the app that sponsored the IPL and thus has a huge fan following. A lot of people participate in it and can be a part of the Fantasy IPLs, World Cups, and Women’s Cricket League games too. People can participate in how many ever leagues they wish to and can win or lose all depending on their choices. The participants who have the highest points and money left wins the game with a huge cash prize. This is what keeps partakers on their toes and makes Fantasy Cricket so interesting.


Fantasy Sports create interest in people who may not even be interested in the sports but are all based on strategy and logic. Such individuals tend to take it all away too. Fantasy Cricket is very much logic and analysis based and thus quite interesting. The various features provided to everyone has it all hyped up and for good reason too. Thus, this lockdown, don’t go out and stay safe while playing Fantasy Cricket!

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