What is laser marking machine and the application of laser marking machine in the automobile industry

In the automobile industry, the term laser marking machine is a common word. This thing is used vastly in the automobile industry. In the automobile industry, thousands of sheets and piecesneed to cut, and the workers need something to do that stuff. That’s where the laser marking machine comes. Some automobile industry particles are so small that normal humane can not do thiscutting preciously.Laser cutting machinescan do this kind of jobs at ease.

What is a laser marking machine?

A laser marking machine is a machine that works by beaming laser on the surface parts being manufactured. The laser is a high-tech thing, and it is now only used in big automobile companies laser marking machine work by using the lasers to heat any surface. Then the lasers oxidize with the metal and the enormous amount of heat cutes through the metal. If there is a need to cut any fiber,a fiber laser cutting machinecan efficiently do the job.

Application of laser marking machine in the automobile industry

Laser marking has several critical use case in the automobile industry. Some of them are:

  1. Parts numbering for engine components

Almost all the parts of the engine are made out of a sophisticated alloy of stell. This alloy of steel can withstand high temperature and pressure in extreme conditions. Nowadays, automobiles companies use a QR code system to label all these parts. The engine serial number and other vital numbers must be present in the engine. This type of smaller details can be challenging for a man to print. That’s why the laser marking machine do this kind of job. The engine number and bolt, bearings, and even nameplates have to be in the right serial unless challenging to find the right parts. Laser marking machines do this kind of job at ease.

2.Circuit Board

A Circuit board is one of the complicated things to produce. These silicon boards need precise perfection, or otherwise, it won’t work. The computer already has the design and instruction and the automated laser marking machine to make the circuit board. The machine soldered all the components on the silicon board all this ensures the consistency of the product. Some of the works require more than laser marking. In that case, the companies use an ultrasonic welding machine.

  1. Fuse Boxes

Both in the engine bay and the cabin usually have a diagram printed over the fuse boxes. The diagram helps the owner of the car to identify which fuse box fits where. So the fuse boxes have to be printed so that the print will last for many years. If the company uses traditional ink, then the print won’t last for long. That’s why automobile companies use laster marking to make the mark permanent. New modern facilities use the laser marking technology to write the guides so that the print lasts until the car’s end day.

  1. Instrument panel buttons

You will notice symbols printed directly on the button onto the instrument cluster of your car. This type of printing can only be possible with the help of a laser marking machine. As printed by ink or paint, they will probably last for many years without worrying about them to fade away.

  1. Body frames and panels

Making a car is not an easy task. It takes a lot of groups to afford to make a car possible. But it is not easy to identify all the parts of the vehicle for all groups. So companies use numbers to make them identical. But it is not possible to use ink to mark all the metal parts. That’s why companies use laser marking technology to make all the markings for all the car parts. Doing, so it becomes much easier to assemble the car to a full form. Also, all the paintings and all the pressure make the printing intake in the whole process. So the laser marking technology is the only choice for this kind of markings.

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