Best 5 Action Games You Can Play Right Now

Action Game

Now the pc is used in different types of purposes. Some of them apply to play video games. In the pc world, playing video video games like a profession. Some of them take it very seriously. There are many types and many genres of games available at for pc users. Action games are one of them, and people love to play action games a lot because they have this fantastic soundtrack and impressive action sequence.

In this pandemic situation, there are some excellent action games that you can play right now on your pc platform.

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a pure action game. At first, you can either love it or hate it. But I am sure that you will eventually love it. The game offers a great combat system and amazing graphics. The voiceover of this gives it an immersive experience

You will feel challenged every mission you play. The whole run time of this game you will never feel bored. I am sure of that.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Undoubtedly Rockstar games offer some of the greatest games of all time. Players wait for the next game to release from this company. GTA IV is the 4th game of GTA series. The game has a unique and good story. The game also offers great graphics, so the whole experience becomes more amazing. You can do anything in this game. That’s the reason the game is so popular in its fan base. The game also has great optimization. So the game will run smoothly in a decent pc. The game was released exclusively for the Xbox. But later on, the game was also released for pc user. You won’t get bored for a single second if you ever tried this game.

Batman: Arkham City

One of the famous character of comic book history and in real action movie has a great game. Like in the movies or the comics, the detective batman uses its different types of tools to find what he seeks.

You get a great combat experience from this game. It also contains some great puzzle and riddles. The joker has made the game more true to life. The storyline voice over all the little sides of this game is impressive. I suggest you play this game once in a lifetime. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Dark Souls 2

Dark is mostly known for its hardness. No player won’t feel the difficulty of this game. That’s why the game is so popular among gamers. The player has a freedom choice in every aspect of the game. In the previous title of this game, players have to more adventures to find the next objective. But in this title, the missions can be found easily. Great combat, excellent visual and the difficulty has made the game more popular and more appealing among the is highly recommended to play this game once in a while.

Grand theft Auto V

The best game from Rockstar is GTA V undoubtedly. There is almost everything to like about this game. Excellent visual great optimization great soundtrack great story, in a nutshell, there is nothing or no game like it. It is one of the highest-selling game of all time. The action of this game is mindblowing and in another level.

GTA V also introduced GTA online, which is a big improvement over the other games. Real players now join in the lobby to play heist mission or can chill out That game is very very highly recommended to play once in a lifetime

The gaming industry is getting bigger and better. Many studios are making awesome games, and they are pushing their limits to the next level. We hope to see more and more stunning games in the upcoming future.

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