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Best 3 Smart Phones To Buy Under 300 Dollar In 2020

Under 300 Dolla Smart Phone

300 dollar is called a low range or mid-low range price segment. Many people cant effort to buy the expensive options. So this price category is a good option for a lot of people. Budget phones have improved a lot in the past few years. They cost less, but they offer a good deal, and they are a good value for money. They don’t cut too much from the necessary things needed in a smartphone.

We have some pretty decent phones in this price range. They offer a lot in this price segment. Today I am going to discuss some of the best phones under or 300 dollar price range.

Motorola Moto G Stylus

Note series phones of Samsung offers a different but enjoyable experience. But it costs about 1000 dollar. Everyone can’t afford this kind of money to buy a simple phone. For those kinds of people, Motorola Moto G Stylus can be an excellent affordable choice. It offers a stylus like the Note series phones. The phone also has a decent specification. The triple camera on the back single on the front. The phone packed with a 4000 mah battery and snapdragon 665 on board. So the day to day usage and the battery life won’t be an issue.

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The phone starts at around $270 at Amazon in this price this might be the right choice.


We all know the company TCL for its low-cost television. But the company has recently announced its very 1st android smartphone in the market. The phone has made a good impression despite this is the 1st from the company this is a good phone indeed.

From a tv company, the display of this phone is one of the strongest points of this phone. The display is an IPS LCD display with a full hd+ resolution. TCL has used a new technology called NXTVISION for this device. It gives an immersive experience while watching any video or content in this display. The display is sharp, vibrant and crispy and has a good colour accuracy.

Under the hood the phone ships with snapdragon 665 and 6 GB of ram. So it can handle day to day task and decent gaming at ease. It also has a 4000 mah big battery, so you won’t have to charge your phone twice.

So it is a great deal in this price range.

Nokia 6.2

After several years Nokia is back in track with its android line up. Nokia offers a great software experience because of all phones of Nokia ships with android one on board. So the software won’t be an issue for those devices.

Nokia 6.2 has recently released and got a lot much attention for its price to the overall package. It is one of the phones, and maybe the only phone comes with android one. The phone also has a great display. The 6.3-inch display is a Full HD+ LCD panel. The display also supports HDR 10. SO the colour becomes more vibrant and crispy than other panels. HDR contents look stunning in this display. Even the non-HDR contents look amazing in this panel

The phone has both a glass front and back, and the phone is very sleek. The software is one of the main plus points for this device.

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There are many more companies trying their best to make a good phone in a low price range. There are many more phones in this price range. It is quite impossible to cover all the phones here. But the phones in this price category is getting more and more close to perfect. We hope the companies will give us a more excellent choice and we are looking forward to it.

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