Are Lab Grown Diamond Rings Worth The Price?

Diamonds: lavish, extravagant, valuable, overpriced are probably the things that come to your mind when someone mentions it. If someone ever tells you that you can get a diamond at an affordable rate that is bigger and, in some cases, even a more delicate cut in half the price, you will probably mock him and call him a mad man. But what if I tell you lab diamonds Sydney are a thing that fulfills all the checks a diamond does but at a price that would put any Black Friday sale to shame. These diamonds compared to natural occurring diamonds, are very cost-effective and yet provides everything a normal does. Diamonds from a lab are considered the same as natural diamonds by jewelers worldwide and, in some cases, prefer over a naturally occurring diamond. The thing with

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natural occurring diamond is that scarcity and the usual supply and demand issue has caused natural occurring diamond prices to go ludicrous over the last century; however, due to this scarcity, man made diamonds were made, and when I say these diamonds have no disadvantage to them, I mean it. Diamonds made via man, unlike naturally occurring diamonds, contain almost close to no impurity. The diamond cut is one of the finest and has a sparkle that even put some natural occurring diamond to shame. Usually, a naturally occurring 1karrot diamond that is mined costs around 6000 USD, while in comparison, a same diamond constructed via machines, and the human brain can cost around 4000 USD and have no visual difference. Essentially the molecular structure of a diamond found in a lab and a natural diamond is the same. They are formed when carbon molecules are put under a specific pressure over a long period and then refined by heavy machinery and cut into a minor wearable cut of diamonds. In short, diamonds that have undergone lab procedures provide you nothing but the best but at an affordable price where you don’t have to break the bank to pay for the history of a stone, which frankly has such drastic effects on the gem’s worth, it’s just too much.  So if you are out there looking for a diamond ring for yourself or a significant other, I would highly recommend a diamond made by the human machinery. Over a naturally occurring one because you will always get a better deal for the same amount you will spend on a natural one as the laboratory diamonds are just a better naturally occurring diamond with all the pros and none of the cons.

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