9 good reasons to study abroad

Are you thinking about studying abroad but hovering around the idea without being sure? Or are you thinking that it is not for you? And yet, this experience would teach you so much!

Whether it’s a year in high school, a semester during your university course or even your entire schooling or university course abroad, the possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone.

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Everyone is talking about it, everyone praises this experience, but why is studying abroad such a unique experience?

1.Learn a foreign language

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself completely in that language and in its culture, staying as far away as possible from the reassuring small group of people who speak the same language as you. All your lessons will be in this language and you will be constantly surrounded by the language (TV, friends, panels, everyday life… totally immersed). So perfecting your English in Sydney or learning Japanese in Tokyo, doesn’t it appeal to you?

2.Open up to the world and open up to others

If you will feel lost in the first few days and experience cultural shocks on a daily basis, you will get to know a culture in depth and love it. Cinema, radio, television, food, customs, festivals, everyday life, the country you have chosen will no longer hold any secrets for you. And it is by learning to know and understand others and their culture that we become more tolerant and that we better understand the world around us.

3.Look for yourself

Often, one takes a sabbatical year or one goes to study abroad also to seek oneself, to find its way and its destiny in life. Not sure that you will find all the answers abroad, but moving away from the family cocoon and your comfort zone is to put yourself in danger, push your own limits and take the time to think about yourself, far from daily grind.

4.Reinvent yourself

This year is an opportunity to take a break from your old life and reinvent yourself outside of your usual setting. Whether it’s finding your professional path or exploring new activities or passions. Photography, blogging, ice hockey, salsa, American football, etc., the possibilities are endless and you will be happy to find your old life again after stepping out of the usual surroundings.

5.The opportunity to travel

We don’t all have the chance to travel young with our family, and studying abroad is often a good way to experience travel for the first time, in a more or less safe and supervised way. In addition, on site, you will undoubtedly find yourself embarked on all kinds of trips and road-trips in the country and those around!

6.Boost your CV

More down to earth, it is an experience that will undoubtedly set you apart among the other candidates, especially if you are considering a career in international trade, journalism, translation or any other profession related to the international one. Learn a language, open up to others, be independent, know another country from every angle, take courses that you will probably never have taken in your home country… this experience enriches your CV with many skills and qualities. Don’t miss it!

7.Extend your network

You will meet people from all over the world and will be able to expand your network considerably to people from all countries, all backgrounds and all skills. Who knows later if you’re not going to work closely with one of them? For this, Facebook , Twitter , Linked In and all the new social networks will help you stay in touch!

8.Are you ready to have the best year of your life?

You will live an intense semester or year, rich in travels, experiences, meetings, parties and so many other indescribable things. While studying abroad, you will experience a lot of new things: partying, meeting your future best friends, falling in love and so on!

9.Because you will never want to sit still

Studying abroad is an intense and unique experience that only happens once. But it will give you wings and the desire to immediately set off for new horizons and new adventures!

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Studying abroad is all this and more. Everyone has their reasons and desires, but I can only advise them. The journey will you give you a unique experience and make your life more meaningful.

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