YouControl – An Online Service Checking Companies in Ukraine

The YouControl system forms a dossier for each company in Ukraine. It is available for free to journalists and public authorities, and it uses an automated scoring system to determine a company’s reliability and potential. The data is updated daily. The system is used by leading companies in various industries to ensure the integrity of business transactions.

YouControl system forms a dossier on each company in Ukraine

The YouControl system forms a dossier on each Ukrainian company based on publicly available data. It tracks changes in the state register and visualizes links between affiliates. In addition, the system generates a daily report of changes in a company. It is useful for journalists who want to investigate the activities of Ukrainian companies.

The system is simple to use and has a well-organized interface. It also takes into account the wishes of the users. For example, a user can find contact information for government agencies in a couple of clicks. They can also search for organizations using their INN or EDRPOU codes. The YouControl system also allows users to track the status of a selected company online. Its database provides a complete list of updates about the selected company, including its legal status and any debts.

IeDRPOU code is a unique identification code of a legal entity or organizational entity in Ukraine. This identification code is part of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USERPO). It is an eight-digit numerical code and is unique to each organization. It is also included in virtually all documents generated by an organization.

While Ukraine has an extensive legislative base for labor rights protection, it has a long way to go to achieve meaningful changes. The country is currently closing some gaps, including in the regulation of remote work. While this is a positive step, it is vital to note that these laws do not represent the tabula rasa of labor protection. Ultimately, a country cannot develop sustainable if its economy is lopsided. This will result in social imbalances and inequalities.


YouControl LLC was founded in September 2014 with a charter capital of UAH 100,000. Founded by Serhiy Milman, the company describes itself as a business intelligence and analytical platform. Its services include competitor reconnaissance, verification of contractors, and information analysis. It offers paid plans and free team addition.

Its technology provides relevant information to users right at the time of request. It gathers data from 100 official sources. Its Monitoring feature constantly changes based on the latest information from these sources. Leading companies in various sectors rely on YouControl to monitor their competition and promote a clean and transparent business environment. In addition, YouControl helps journalists and public authorities access public data. Since its inception, more than four thousand economic investigations have been carried out by its users.

YouControl uses open data and state registers to create full profiles of every company in Ukraine. It also tracks changes to these registers and visualizes connections among affiliated individuals. It also offers free access to its system to journalists and active citizens. In addition, the YouScore scoring system helps users identify companies based on the links between them.

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