Yaşam Ayavefe: Environmental Awareness Will Add Value to the Economy

Nowadays, people have become more and more ignorant towards the environment. Environmental pollution harms the climate balance leading to global problems. According to the experts, the reasons for global problems are overpopulation, urbanization, and the increase in industrialization. Businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe who is known for his sensitivity towards the environment says that we should not throw away any waste directly. As we all know, there are wastebaskets in the institutions, parks, and gardens categorized for each type of waste. Yaşam Ayavefe adds that we should use these wastebaskets for glasses, papers, and plastics to contribute to the recycling process. Of course, there are many other ways individuals can do to protect the environment. For instance, we can switch to natural sources of energy such as the sun, natural gas, and wind. Besides, using thermal insulation in buildings is considered to be one of the most sensitive actions in preserving the environment.

“External Dependency to be Decreased”

Successful businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe who regularly attends environmental events both in Turkey and abroad states that external dependency of natural sources should be decreased for the sake of environmental awareness. When compared, the number of activities about natural sources including the use of wind and the sun are not at satisfactory levels in Turkey. Therefore, people are urged to use harmful sources such as petrol, plastic, and greenhouse gases. Ayavefe suggests that returning to natural sources will decrease the rate of external dependency. He also adds that in the process of production, the potential waste of the product and how to handle the waste should be analyzed beforehand. This will minimize the possible effects of production on the environment.

Global Fight Against Environmental Pollution is Unsatisfactory

There has been an ongoing global fight against environmental pollution. However, despite all the efforts, the results are not satisfactory. Political demands about environmental pollution which has long-term and invisible effects are not enough. According to businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe, although environmental contamination is unignorable, the pressure of economic growth and uncertainty about the cost of environmental pollution prevents the necessary reactions from people. Additionally, economists and climatologists may have conflicting ideas about environmental pollution and its influences on nature. Thus, it’s not easy to convince the politicians on the level of environmental pollution and to emphasize the fight against it when the specialists even can’t reach a consensus.

Turkey Has a Unique Potential

Turkey’s trading partners mostly consist of EU (European Union) countries. Environmental awareness is no doubt the best method we can employ to leave a better future for our children and next generations. According to famous businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe, having environmental awareness will also accelerate our speed of adapting to new foreign trade rules. Moreover, it will promote welfare in the country. Being known more and more by people, GreenClimate has been carrying out significant studies on environmental awareness. Yaşam Ayavefe, who is a founder of GreenClimate World states that Turkey has great potential in terms of environmental awareness. He also adds that “Turkey has a high capacity of eco-friendly, renewable energy sources and it is well aware of this potential. In our companies, environmental pollution, natural sources, and renewable energy are always on the agenda.  With more effective and responsible actions, it’s no longer a dream to reach the goal of “zero-emission”.  As GreenClimate World, we continue our studies to spread the notion and raise the awareness towards eco-friendly production.”

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