Why Your Web Project Needs a Mobile-first Design Approach

If you own a webpage then there is a high chance that more than half of your visitors will be mobile users. The desktop first design of your website or web portal won’t work for mobile. The mobile first strategy is becoming famous. 

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Why Not Desktop First Design?

As we said it in the beginning, it is highly likely that more and more of your web page visitors will be mobile users. So, it is imperative that you take the mobile devices into account while designing your web project. Because if you don’t your software will be forced into the small mobile screen. It may lose some of the important features because the screen is small. 

There is one reason why you should be wary of the desktop first design. One of the issue is the hover action that the touch screen of your mobile lacks. If you don’t adapt your webpage for mobile, your visitors will not be able to navigate properly through the webpage.  

The mobile first design will instead allow your webpage to fit into the screen without stripping it of the necessary elements. 

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Advantages of Combining Responsive Design and Mobile First Strategy

You may hear this often that mobile first design is better than responsive design. But since mobile first is a strategy and responsive design is a design so it makes more sense for the both of them to be together. Don’t choose between a tool and material, combine the two for best results.

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The following are the three advantages of both them combined.

Clear Design

The first thing to do while developing your webpage is to collect the data. That is how you will know what your users’ needs are and then base the elements of your webpage based on that. Prioritizing the elements early on helps you come up with a clear and neat design on both mobile and webpage.

That is why developers only include the most important elements and content on the mobile version and keep the lower priority elements for big screens that offer more space. 

Better Planned UX

When you develop the mobile first design for your webpage, you take the UX nuances of your project into consideration right from the beginning. This allows the developers to eliminate content and patterns that are not mobile friendly, but are already included in the desktop version of the webpage and require more time and money for incorporation into mobile version of the webpage. 

Inexpensive and Fast

The mobile UI is developed for those browsers that are weak and cause more errors and bugs while displaying responsive material. Identifying and removing those errors in the beginning will help the whole process be smoother and fast. 

During the desktop first design, you won’t know of such errors until it’s too late. Your whole development team will then be forced to readjust the code for all small and big screens.

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Final Words

Mobile first design for web project is a good idea if you count it in right from the beginning. By going for this strategy design can save time and money by as you won’t have to later adjusting your project for mobile version since you plan everything from start. 

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