Why should Startups use CRM software?

It is a common belief that CRM software is a luxury only affordable for big operations. But that is not true at all. Even a startup can benefit immensely by building their business around a CRM software solution. A good startup CRM software will come with a suite of professional industry-standard features that will help bootstrapped operations follow the best practices to project a high standard of professionalism. It will serve as a solid foundation to build your business upon, flexible enough to accommodate a diverse range of growing and increasingly sophisticated workflows. With a CRM software in place, your startup can thrive without getting hamstrung by technological limitations at any point. 

A CRM software is a definitive tool that can give you the vital edge you need to distinguish yourself in a crowded field of competitors. Here, we offer you five salient reasons to invest in a startup CRM software:

  • You invest in a software backbone for your startup. 


Startups have to rely on a range of tools to run their day-to-day marketing and sales activities— including email, phone, calendar, spreadsheets, information databases, etc. An organizational workflow splintered across different services can take a toll on your team’s productivity and make it hectic to navigate.  For your startup to stay nimble and move fast, your teams need a comprehensive solution that seamlessly provides them with all the necessary information and functionality at their fingertips. 

A startup CRM software is a foundational investment that will provide you with a one-stop technological solution for all your teams’ operational needs. It is your email client, phone, Rolodex, calendar, and analytics solution all rolled into one. Utilizing CRM software as a unified technological solution helps your organization stay efficient. Having all your operations on a single platform lets you avoid redundancies and incompatibilities, allowing you to provide a tighter end-to-end customer lifecycle experience. Not only does it have a positive impact on productivity, but it also helps keep overhead low by stabilizing your technology costs.

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  • An accessible, easy-to-use CRM software makes your startup agile and robust.


The benefit of CRM software is that it has all necessary features in one comprehensive platform with a consistent design language. This translates into an easy-to-use interface that is easy to pick up and play with. There are many significant upsides to that, especially in a startup environment. Firstly, it will drastically reduce the time and effort required to onboard new agents, leading to faster agent deployment. Secondly, since all the components of your workflow organically speak to each other, the resulting interlinking will speed up your sales pipeline by boosting agent productivity. These factors will combine to make your startup more agile. A startup CRM software will let you quickly optimize your workflow and personnel with minimum disruption and simultaneously accelerate your turnaround times. 

An excellent startup CRM software will also be multiplatform and cloud-ready. The near-universal accessibility provided by these features lets your teams manage their relationships from anywhere, making your startup remote-ready. In these days of lockdowns and social distancing, the importance of having a remote-friendly platform for your business cannot be overstated. According to a Market Research Future Survey, CRM deployment over the cloud increased to 87% during the pandemic, highlighting its importance in keeping businesses resilient. A CRM software is a vital lifeline that can keep your startup alive through volatility by minimizing disruption and downtime in our ever-changing work culture.

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  • You can scale without worry.

Scaling a startup is incredibly challenging. Once you find a source of growth, you have to ramp up operations quickly to capitalize on that opportunity. The systems and services that work for your business today can become a bottleneck tomorrow, should the scale of your needs change. Designing your business processes in a way that can accommodate growth is known as having headroom. It is to your advantage to invest early in a startup CRM software that has a proven capacity to scale without friction. 

But what does scaling mean for CRM software? We define it as having ample room for modification and growth without compromising the efficiency of your operations. The platform should be able to scale fast without a dramatic increase in cost and let you add users on demand. It should also have a robust suite of integrations via features such as API access and a healthy marketplace of apps that will let you expand its capabilities to match your needs. Additionally, industry-leading CRM software solutions come with workflow automation which can boost agent productivity. This allows your teams to manage the increased volume of business more effectively. All these benefits make CRM software an attractive prospect for startups looking to scale quickly.

  • Turbocharge your growth with smart data and rich analytics

A startup CRM software can give your operations a shot in the arm by augmenting your capabilities. You can direct your limited resources more efficiently with data-driven, AI-powered features like lead generation and predictive contact scoring to prioritize sales and marketing efforts. And because the CRM software is a central hub that records events and outcomes from all your processes, its insights will only become sharper with time as it gains more information.

Another benefit of all the information constantly being logged by the CRM software is that the platform can quickly generate a range of comprehensive reports that will let you track and optimize your startup operations. It lets you have a bird’s-eye view of all sales and marketing processes. You can precisely identify what segments of your operations are working as intended and who is making the most impact. With such clarity,  you can make informed decisions about the trajectory of your startup.

  • Access specialized vendor support and minimize downtime.

When you invest in a startup CRM software, you invest in your CRM solution provider’s experience and technological know-how. They can become important allies for your business. A great vendor should have a robust knowledge base with a well-curated collection of guides, FAQs, etc. All this information should help you deploy the CRM software quickly and adhere to the best practices. It should also allow you to seek support anytime, in case something goes sideways. This support is vital for bootstrapped operations that cannot afford any extended downtime. A good vendor with a great CRM software solution provides much-needed stability and support to your startup by ensuring that you are constantly firing on all cylinders. 

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