WhatsApp stickers start coming in regional languages, expect more from Indian developers

Within a week, after WhatsApp launched its Android and iOS Stickers, which also supports third party packs started to see the platform succeeding and emerging with local content. In November 2020, we saw Kerala Piravi’s anniversary stickers instantly get hit on one of the largest messaging platforms in the world and which has its largest database in India with around 125 million users.

The idea of stickers got so much of popularity that people started downloading the app linked with WhatsApp and tried making their own stickers by using the photos they wanted to use as stickers.

In addition to this, the value of stickers has started to attract various brands and celebrities all over the world. Various stars and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have started to promote stickers. The collection of Kardashian Kimoji was reported to be 1 billion dollar per million dollars when they were first launched. In the game of stickers, even big brands such as Disney have started using stickers with the release of all their films.

The developers of India always bring out something new for their users to experience fun. They are bringing out the change constantly. The fashion of sending Stickers is our favorite one!

Why are regional language stickers very important?

India, there are various regions with the difference in languages. People of different regions are born to express their emotions with the help of stickers in their own language. But due to the barrier of languages they only had an option of sending stickers either in English language or in Marathi. Well, the wait is over now! WhatsApp has finally launched animated stickers for people of all regions.

Regional stickers are mainly photographs of something funny, or celebrity, a person with something written on it which is actually funny and witty. This idea makes conversations much more happening.

People are so obsessed with stickers these days that they start playing sticker wars with each other to see who has the best collection. No kidding! They make the best collection of stickers to send to their friends and feel proud for having something creative with them. If the other person likes it too, WhatsApp has a feature of adding it to the favorites so that they can use them too.

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WhatsApp didn’t have the native support for stickers earlier. They are trying to bring Malayalam WhatsApp stickers first for people who are using the beta version of WhatsApp. It is basically a version used for trials and contains various ads. When a trial was conducted through Malayalam WhatsApp stickers, on October 31 2020, it was reported that a total of 43000 times the stickers were downloaded and a report was submitted to Google Play Store. For now, the stickers can only be added to the WhatsApp beta tester.

Malayalam WhatsApp stickers provide the option of attaching your WhatsApp stickers. The app currently has over 200 stickers and nearly 300 stickers will soon be available. The company will add more stickers in several languages. The developers of India are looking into adding stickers in every language so that people from all regions can be happy while sharing stickers in their language.

You can also make use of various platforms that allow you to send stickers. The stickers are a super creative way to increase interaction. Let us make it easy for you. Download the Marathi Keyboard app and utilize the best stickers in Marathi language.

You know how fun it would be to send Marathi stickers. People from all over India are well equipped with the language Marathi and thus, it can serve as a common medium of interaction with people from our nation.

To all the funky Indians, it’s time to show your sticker game with your collection. Show your friends your unique collection by downloading the Marathi Keyboard. Marathi Keyboard lets you download and send as many stickers as you want in Marathi language. It is loved by people of older language who are very fluent in Marathi language.

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Waiting for the developers of India to come up with various stickers in other languages as well so that people all over the world can share stickers in any language of their choice. Can you tell how fun it would look to see people chatting only through stickers all day long?

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We can’t express how excited we are! Looking forward to more such explorations. Well, let’s see when we are getting stickers of other regional languages but until then download the Marathi keyboard and enjoy having beautiful conversations in Marathi language and send funny stickers to your loved ones. Go chat with them, tell them how important they are to you and enjoy your everyday life while interacting with your loved ones.

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