What Not to Do When You Deal with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

After a car collision, you must take care of a lot of things like seeing immediate medical attention, reporting the crash to the police, and filing an injury claim with an insurer. As a car accident victim, you must know that you can’t depend on an insurance claims adjuster to help you throughout the claims process. 

Although insurance adjusters want you to think they are your friends, they are focused on saving the company they work for as much money as possible. When you get a call from an insurance adjuster, it is best to tell them to speak with your Houston car accident attorney. An experienced attorney knows how to handle conversations with adjusters and can counter any tactics they may use to try to reduce your claim or deny it altogether. When dealing with insurance adjusters, here’s what you must do:

Avoid Giving an Adjuster a Recorded Statement

Insurance adjusters process your claim, so they may ask you to provide them with a recorded statement. But, you must not do so unless your attorney tells you. An insurance adjuster can use anything you say against you. And even the smallest comments you make can be twisted to ruin your claim.

Never Sign Anything

When an insurance adjuster asks you to sign a document, do not do so without the guidance of your lawyer. When you sign a document you don’t review closely, you may not be able to recover the full compensation you deserve for your damages. You must be particularly wary of the following:

  • A medical release. You might think that it is okay for the insurance company to have your medical release since you don’t have anything to hide about your condition and you did not cause the crash. But, an insurance adjuster may make use of your medical data and health records against your claim.
  • A claim release. This legal document will release the insurer from further liability. Thus, when you accept the company’s settlement offer, you give up your right to pursue further damages. Let your lawyer review this document before you sign it. 

Avoid Accepting a First Settlement Offer

Following a car crash, you may experience mental and emotional exhaustion and be tired of dealing with insurers. Your situation and feelings become worse when your medical bills continue to pile up. As a result, you may consider accepting the insurer’s initial offer, so you can move on. However, this offer may be much less than you deserve. 

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