What is IPTV or Internet Protocol Television?

IPTV is a system used for delivering television content or videos using internet protocol (IP) over the internet. Unlike the downloaded media, IPTV allows streaming the source media continuously. You might have used a streaming service like Netflix, it’s the same idea but with TV instead of movies or syndicated shows. Like traditional cable TV, IPTV does not necessarily require investing in infrastructure. Lots of cities have metro-e available with dark fiber and lots of buildings are already equipped with LAN suitable for IPTV.

Types of IPTV

1. VOD

VOD stands for video on demand. It sounds like the name i.e you can get video whenever you demand it and it is the one that you are already using. All moving streaming sites like Netflix, amazon prime video, etc are VOD services, you can watch every time whenever you want.

2. Time Shifted IPTV

Many broadcast networks like BBC now allow users to watch last week’s shows that they missed at a time that’s convenient for them. The main difference between VOD and time-shifted IPTV is that the content being shared there has a limited shelf life and disappears after that time. One of the most popular services that offer time-shifted media is BBC’s streaming video player called BBC’s iPlayer.

3. Live IPTV

As the name indicates it involves broadcasting live TV programs across the Internet as they are being watched by the people. Sporting events are the most commonly watched programs in this way as it is easy to stream a game on your phone. It is pretty much the same as regular TV.

Why Do You Need IPTV Services?

There are various good reasons why IPTV has evolved so fast and why so many vendors have developed their IPTV services of that kind. IPTV has made viewers experience much higher and truly interactive quality so that anybody who has ever tried quality IPTV services will never come back to regular TV. Availability of quality video content makes IPTV services a unique kind of entertainment that renders classic TV an outdated experience. IPTV is also like an entertainment technology because whenever people want to watch any live TV on on-demand video, it comes in handy. IPTV is not all about video content only, there are a lot of other options available like music-on-demand, social apps, games, messengers, video chats, personal video recorders, and the Internet on the TV screen.

Future of IPTV

IPTV is increasing in popularity as many people are using IPTV services at the moment. The number of IPTV users has exceeded the number of cable TV and satellite TV users. It is predicted that IPTV users will cover over 32 million homes by 2021.  Television TV/OTT is like a big city, there is no wonder that you can find what you are looking for but sometimes you have to look way too far and wide to get what you want. Sometimes, you get mixed results and get stuck in heavy traffic. But, with IPTV you normally have one subscription and the content is delivered to you over a managed network to give you the best experience. visit the site beetv

The number and variety of IPTV options are increasing quickly because now people are creating their channels to distribute their content with ease. People will not be limited to what broadcasters are sharing. They will go to each other to see every specific thing including audience-specific movies. Read more  mangadex


IPTV services are becoming popular all over the world with lots of people are shifting toward them. I hope now, you have learned all about IPTV and this will help you select the best IPTV provider that will meet your needs and will give you the best television experience. For more information click here youtuber streamer

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