what is a longboard? Longboarding has a smoother and more continuous learning curve than skateboarding.

When you start in any sport, you do not know what material will best suit your needs. And you do not even know what kinds of disciplines that sport includes or its real possibilities. That has happened to all of you.

Not everyone is qualified to perform incredible tricks in a Skatepark or fly like Tony Hawk in those endless halfpipes. Some of you want to enjoy sliding from one side to the other on a longboard and even opt for other forms of Skate that are not so popular.

What is a longboard?

The longboard is a longboard. In this case, with wheels, which is what usually interests you. They are longer than skateboards, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Indeed, you have seen them at some time, going down long slopes at full speed, although there are several disciplines that you will see later.

Above all, the first thing is to rule out that what you have in mind is not a skateboard. Skates are up to 32 inches long, more or less, overall (about 81 cm) and are used more for doing tricks (jumps).

But the longboard is usually long. It can be between 70 cm and up to 2 m in length. The shape and width also vary. They are generally between 20 and 40 cm wide.

Now, let’s find out which one is best for you, longboard vs skateboard.

Differences and characteristics in common

It can be said that in terms of the size of the board and the axles, the skateboard and the cruiser share ‘similar’ dimensions, being the longboard longer and broader. It should be remembered that the more general, the more stability; the longer the start, the more strength and inertia, the more open turns, and fewer, faster turns and better features for roaming around.

As for the wheels, those of the skateboard are the most complex and most minor, while cruiser and longboard have them larger and softer to better grip the ground and be more off-road, making it difficult to iron tricks.

The main similarities are in the use of the material of the shafts, which are all metallic although their composition may vary, and the bearings, which are the same for all and vary simply according to how fast one wants. The higher the ABEC system to classify the bearings by their tolerance, the quicker.

Types of Longboard

There are several types of longboard on the market. Each of them for specific uses:

1. Longboard carving

The carving longboard is designed to go from side to side by turns and pumping on the table. The movements that are made on this type of skateboard are very similar to those of a snowboard. Carving longboards are intermediate in size between 34 ″ and 41 ″ with plenty of flex, camber shape, and shafts with soft bushings to facilitate smooth turning.

2. Longboard downhill

The tables downhill is designed for high-speed descents on mountain roads. Suitable for brave riders looking to generate great speed. Downhill skateboards are roughly the same size as carving boards.

3. Longboard cruiser

They are possibly the most famous longboard skateboards. They are used to move around the city. Skate cruiser boards tend to have designs similar to those of surfboards.

4. Longboard slalom

This type of Skate is one of the most classic and exciting. It consists of avoiding rows of cones as quickly as possible. There are longboard slalom championships for which great technical skill is required.

5. Longboard pool

The longboard pool, as its name suggests, consists of skating in pools or bowls. The measurements of these boards are between 29 and 39 ″ inches and incorporate robust axles.

6. Longboard sliding

Sliding is a modality that has more and more fans. It consists of skidding on wet surfaces. The boards are like carving but with harder wheels to reduce adherence to the ground.

7. Longboard dancing

A dancing longboard is an exciting modality. It consists of dancing on a skateboard, taking steps forward and backward, crossing the legs, going up and down in motion … An excellent way to work on balance, very popular in Asian countries like Japan.  Dancing boards are the longest of all.

8. Electric longboard

Electric longboards have been the last to enter the market. These skateboards incorporate an engine that, depending on the model, can reach speeds of between 35 and 39 km / h.

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