What does Apple Authorized Reseller mean?

Apple authorized reseller sells the apple products after the permission from Apple computer Inc. A contract has been made between the business partner & Apple Company to sell Apple’s products. Popular stores like Amazon, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Staples, and Target are involved in this. Apple official reseller offers several opportunities to the customers with subject to increase sales volume. You can get an apple authorize reseller online or also can become an Apple authorized reseller.

Authorized Reseller Definition

An authorized reseller is a person who sells the other company’s product. Reseller can sell products with their own brand name also. It is also known as authorized retailers which are formed to drive profit. 

How do Apple Resellers make money?

Apple resellers make money by selling Apple product from their own stores. Apple is a reputed premium brand that has many stores worldwide. It provides a profit margin or commission to the resellers. The profit is normally 8% to 10% and it can be above 40% on some Apple products. You might also hear the name of OWC which also sells the mac products at a discount. If you use the OWC promo code or OWC deals so you can save your money on mac hardware or software products. 

How to become an authorized reseller?

To become an authorized reseller, you have to pass through some process. You will need to acquire the reseller license from the manufacturer or the state. You can also become a seller on Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other stores but here will need authorization from the manufacturer.

What should do to become a reseller if you are already licensed?

You should have a website and credit card to start selling the product if you are already licensed. First, contact the company through email or call that mention on their website. It is the process to get approval from the manufacturer or company. If the company approve it so you can resell the products & get the profit margin. 

How many apple stores are there in the world in 2021?

510 apple stores in 25 countries are there in the world in 2021.

What is the difference between Apple Premium Reseller and Authorized Reseller?

Apple premium reseller is who sells only Apple brand products, not of other brands. Authorized resellers are those who can sell products of any brand at the same store. 

Is amazon an apple authorized reseller?

Yes, Amazon is an Apple authorized reseller that gets approval from the Apple company. 

Is Walmart an authorized Apple reseller?

Yes, Walmart is also an authorized Apple reseller.

What are the Apple authorized reseller requirements?

You have to apply to become an Apple Authorized reseller. Below are the requirements mentioned-First, submit an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

  • You must provide this information while submitting an email –
  • Name of your legal business
  • Principal or owner
  • Address of your business, not home or PO boxes
  • Phone number
  • Business domain and email address
  • Official website of your business
  • Any experience if  you have with Apple as a service provider

What are the best Apple Authorized resellers?

The list of Apple authorized resellers shown below –

  • Abt
  • Best Buy
  • Adorama
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • T-Mobile
  • Staples
  • Xfinity
  • TigerDirect
  • Simple Mobile
  • Office Depot
  • Macy’s
  • AT&T

What are the benefits of Apple authorized reseller?

Apple authorized reseller benefits are –

  • It offers a discount on Apple products
  • Also, provide technical support by becoming an Apple-authorized service provider
  • Increase sale
  • Increase margins
  • Helps to grow new market

Is OWC an authorized Apple reseller?

OWC is not an authorized Apple reseller but it sells hardware and software products. It sells external storage, memory, docks, cable and adapters, upgrades & tools, networked storage. You can also buy all the refurbished macs from OWC with a warranty, money-back guarantee. OWC offers mac’s hardware & software items at a discount, to get this discount use the OWC discount code

Final Thoughts

Apple authorized resellers are the company or person that take permission from Apple company to sell its products. These resellers offer Apple items at a discount that also helps to enhance the sale in the market. The best resellers of Apple like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy sells over the world. 

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