What are the Functions of AI Speakers

Many families will buy smart speakers. There are many types of smart speakers on the market, AI and Mini. Prices vary. As far as the price of HONOR Mini Speaker is concerned, there are many kinds of speakers with the same price level. If you want something better, HUAWEI AI smart speaker can meet the needs of many families. 

HUAWEI AI speaker has a family call function. The speaker becomes a smart phone! This function is practical. It is simple in use. Just download the AI speaker APP from the family’s mobile phone. Then add the family’s name and mobile phone number to the APP. This is to call the contact person to the speaker. 

If you are outside, you can call the speaker through APP! 

The speaker can add 50 communication contacts. These 50 contacts can contact each other with the speaker. If your relatives and friends have this speaker, you can use the speaker to dial each other’s speaker. 

Thanks to its powerful radio function and external effect, HUAWEI AI speakers perform well in long-distance calls. 

There are two forms of communication between the speaker and the mobile phone: Internet phone and ordinary phone. Under WiFi and 4G networks, the fairy tale between the mobile phone and the speaker is the network call. If the mobile phone is on a 2G network, the speaker will call with an ordinary phone. 

For the first time, the speaker will give 1500 minutes of Internet phone and 120 minutes of ordinary phone. In the future, you can renew and recharge through APP. 

The popularity of mobile phones has eliminated fixed phones, especially in the home environment. The question is, if there are old people and children in the family, is it better to have a phone call? 

HUAWEI AI speaker solves this problem with the simplest method. It is simple to make or answer the phone. 

Finally, speaking of the key point, it is one of the most core parts of AI speaker-smart home. In the past, if users needed a smart home, they might have to fight for house decoration. The circuit may need a lot of modification. The function of the control system is single. The user experience is very poor. 

HiLink Smart Home Interconnection Platform has more than 100 smart products, ranging from air conditioners and purifiers to sockets and clothes hangers. As long as you buy these smart home peripheral products, you can use this AI speaker for voice control. 

HUAWEI’s technological innovations are obvious to all. The HUAWEI AI speaker did give users a surprise. 

We can make the choice of smart speakers according to one’s own preferences. Only a sound box that meets one’s own needs is a good intelligent sound box. 

Maybe you didn’t want to buy an AI smart speaker. But when you use this AI speaker, you will find that many things in your life have been changed. It seem to become more convenient!.

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