What Are the Features You Should Look in a Laptop

We all are very dependent on technology in the current times. We need mobile phones for communication, laptops for projects and work, and other forms of technology for entertainment. We dive deep while searching for every appliance we need to buy, be it a refrigerator or a smartwatch, the same goes for laptops.

Laptops have become an essential part of our professional lives. They are affordable, portable, and are easy to set up. They can perform the functions we need them to perform well and hence have gained a name for themselves. Here are some features you should look for in a laptop before buying it.

Size of the laptop

In the case of a Computadora the bigger it is, the better it is. In the case of a laptop, though, the same is not true. While you want the screen to be big enough to figure out what you are doing at a specific time, it should not be too big to hinder its portability. Laptops can get bulky, especially if you are buying a gaming laptop (you won’t be carrying it around too much, though), so you need to make sure that it is feasible to carry the laptop around.

Ideally, a laptop should weigh around 2-2.5 kg (as of now, there isn’t any metal that can be used to make lighter appliances). This weight can be adjusted onto the shoulders of a new student, or a trained professional, both of whom have different jobs but need the laptop with equal necessity.

The Processor (CPU and the RAM)

Next up is the processor. The processor mainly consists of two parts, the CPU and the RAM. While the CPU does all the thinking (artificial thinking), the RAM stores it all. The better the processor, the costlier it gets. There are various processors available in the market currently, like Intel’s processors and Ryzen’s processors, but what suits your budget is the best for you. If you are a professional, then try to go for a better processor, if you are an amateur you can use lesser versions of the same.

Nowadays, laptops come equipped with 8GB RAM. This is really good, however, you can also have 12 GB RAM, 16 GB RAM, and higher versions if you build the appliance yourself (There are options available for that, but it will take a toll on your pockets).

The Storage

The storage of a laptop is nowadays contained in a solid state drive (SSD for short). This goes up to 1TB at an affordable price, you can expand this too. The storage of a laptop is important- as you may have guessed- for obvious reasons. It’s the amount of applications and data you can store on your laptop without it giving you trouble. Storage doesn’t matter too much though, you can always buy a hard drive to store your data. It gets bulky but it is cheaper and less bulky than a new laptop altogether.

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