What Are The Different Hair Damages One Should Know About?

Having long and shiny hair is every woman’s dream. Most of us have seen different celebrities’ hair and wonder why you can’t have it like that? And you keep trying different products to achieve your dream. Many of you feel low because of not getting results. But, it’s not your fault, as hair damage is a very broad concept but some common damage, nearly every one of us faces. In this article, we are going to understand some common hair damage and solutions to get rid of them. Let’s start.

  • Split Ends

It is the most common and seven women out of ten are suffering from this. The ends of our hair are the oldest hair, and every time we wash them, comb, style, detangle, etc. So, the constant wear and tear leads to weak ends, and split ends begin to form. The simple method to avoid a split end is by getting regular trims. The regularity of trimming your hair governs less formation of split ends. You have to trim your hair every three to five weeks depending on how promptly you get them. If trimming is not your solution, you can also use split ends serum. Find them in your nearest store according to your scalp type. Check out human hair  wigs.

  • Heat Damage

This is the fact that excessive heat styling causes heat damage. However, only blow-drying or straightening does not cause heat damage so much.  Heat damage also occurs from improper styling, wet hair combing, or styling the same section, leaving hair damaged, and dull. To minimise heat damage, adjust the temperature of both irons, and blow dryers. The temperature is decided according to your hair type and scalp efficiency of accepting the heat. You may also use heat-protecting serum or spray to help protect your hair during heat styling.

  • Colour Damage

Colour damage can occur for several reasons. The first one is, overprocessing, using a strong product, causes too much heat not according to your scalp type or leaves the colour on it for a long time. The second is, overlapping, overlaying new colours on previously colored hair. Overlapping of colours leads to damage to your hair.

Finally, the last colour damaged according to Tommy Drury, says, do not make any drastic changes in your hair, which means changing one colour to another in a single appointment. Instead, changes should be achieved in three to four appointments. There is advice from the famous London Colorist Tommy Drury, find an expert before going to change your hair colour and avoid bleaches when dying your hair. Check out lace front wigs.

Those were some of the common types of hair damage and easy tips to ensure less damage. Taking care of our hair is not a hard task, it just takes a little time every day. Avoid chemical products, and try to use organic shampoos and serums.

I hope this article helped you to figure out the problems in your hair and a way to repair them.

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