What are the Best Ethical Hacking Courses in 2021?

It is common today to find the term hacking. Hacking usually refers to data violations that are frequently heard or read in news headlines. The data shared on the network can be compromised, leading to significant monetary losses and damage to the reputation of the company’s brand. Social media account data leaks occurred, and more than 4 billion users have been affected by personal data. Another report indicates that in the first half of 2019, the number of hacking instances increased by more than 50% compared to the first half of 2018. Recent trends suggest that there are increasing data breaches and that we have to concentrate on cybersecurity.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking refers to techniques and practices used by illegal means to access personal or confidential data or without permission for misuse or abuse. Ethical hacking, other than hacking, is performed to protect confidential data against threats and abuse. In simple words, ethical hackers are individuals who intend to develop ways to protect the enterprise, institutes or customer data by identifying the vulnerability of the software system. 

Ethical hackers are also sometimes called “white-hat hackers,” and are similar to security personnel protecting the law. Ethical hackers hack in a legitimate and authorized way. Ethical hackers include scanning ports, identifying network vulnerabilities, hacking wireless encryption, web applications, or server hijacking, among other activities.

Who can be an Ethical Hacker?

Anyone who is passionate about solving problems and loves difficult tasks. A person who trusts in creative and innovative approaches can work as a good ethical hacker. Persons looking for a career in ethical hacking should be thoroughly acquainted with scripting, networking and intrusion analysis. Certification is suggested to be a promising ethical hacker. This certification confirms the ability of a person to understand the risks and vulnerabilities of an organization’s security. The certification program helps people to learn and perform hacking legally.

Tips for choosing the right Ethical Hacking course

It is very important to choose the correct course of ethical hacking. It is not an easy task to choose the right course, and before you decide on any course, you have to remember many points.

To choose the course, you must know all the ethical hacking and understand the sub-topics it contains. Examples of subtopics include sniffing, encryption, administrators, and security officers, etc. You can connect to experienced security professionals to learn more about available subjects.

When selecting a subject, consider career opportunities such as job security, income, workload and training scope.

Once the topic has been fixed, people can seek guidance in line with their aspirations on the online courses available.

Individuals must ensure that the training program, including practical and theoretical knowledge, offers balanced content. Courses with biased content are not recommended and may lead to insufficient retention of the topic.

The market value of courses is important, and individuals must check the market value of the program before choosing it. The excellent market value ensures that people are distinguished in any competition. Online reviews are another way of understanding the course details.

The training mode is a vital aspect that can be considered, either in person or online.

Top Rated Ethical Hacker courses

Certified Ethical Hacker Certification By EC Council.

Certified ethical hacking, commonly known as CEH in short, is the most comprehensive ethical hacking certification course worldwide provided by the renowned EC Council association. This course enables people to learn and validate the principles of ethical hacking. It allows people to systematically inspect the entire system and network infrastructure for any failures to exploit malicious hackers. 

People learn to evaluate the entire safety system and determine the possibility of unauthorized access to the organization’s infrastructure. The sole aim of CEH accreditation is for information security experts to establish standards and best practices in the execution of ethical hacking jobs. This accreditation strengthens ethical hacking as a profession of self-regulation. Following successful training, individuals must attend an examination consisting of 125 questions of multiple choice with a time limit of 4 hours.

 CEH v11 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course By Simplilearn

Simplilearn allows you to take advanced network packet analysis and system penetration testing techniques. It helps people to acquire network security skills and prevent hackers from their organizations. Certification course requires no preconditions, but fundamental TCP/IP knowledge is recommended. This course is perfect for people who work for website managers, network security professionals, IT security managers and numerous security professionals. It is based on a combined learning approach that allows individuals to learn ethical hacking using sample cases, applied projects, and online videos. The best part of the course is to learn.

Cybersecurity Course: uc3m – edX.

Developed by the faculty of Cybersecurity Carlos III, it helps you learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Individuals can learn about common threats and ways to prevent systems/networks. The course includes lessons and exercises to improve practical learning. This course will help you master topics like cyber forensics or cybersecurity surveillance.

Learn ethical hacking Online – LinkedIn Learning.

This course is for everyone, whether a newcomer or a lateral, consisting of 20 courses for ethical hacking. All training courses are prepared by industry experts and help people to increase their ethical hacking skills. The courses take individuals via cyber safety modules like footprint, recognition, hijacking, scanning networks, listing, etc. This course allows one month of free access.

Final Words

The volume and variety of cyber threats are increasing. Companies are very challenged to prevent violations and to protect confidential data. Big Tech Companies like Olight UK are aggressively investing in cybersecurity and seeking qualified cybersecurity specialists. It is the perfect time to enter the field with strong growth and demand. Individuals can choose an online skills training course. Furthermore, individuals can validate their cybersecurity skills by applying for certifications after completing training.

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