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What Are The 3 Ds Of Mobile App Development?

Over time, we have seen rapid progress in the quality and features software poses. Various tech giants like Apple and Google are constantly pushing the competition, coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to various day to day problems we face in the given course of time. They constantly encourage the application developers to come up with solutions that are truly inspiring and sync with the public’s current requirements.

As a result, we have been able to step up in design and find solutions to some of the common problems faced by the public—irrespective of the use of given mobile app development.

Mainly listing mobile application design and development services can be listed under the following three D’s- Design, Development and Delivery.

Let’s enumerate some points of each.


We are living in an age where users frequently seek a quality user experience. In this age where industrial design is going over a revolution, we constantly emphasise the user experience. With the advent of UI (User Interface), we work over the user’s primary interaction with your application. It makes sure that the application is visually engaging, aesthetic and suits the theme. 

On quite a similar note, UX (User Experience) deals with how a user interacts with the application. It takes responsibility for the smooth running of the application, the interface structure, and its functionality. They work over the wireframe of the application and integrate it into their applications. Wireframe refers to the layout of the webpage and demonstrates the elements of the webpage. It is a critical part of the interaction design process.


Delivery through an overlooked yet is an essential part of web development. Ideas delivered improperly fail to create the desired impact on the audience. People approach this given task in ways that suit them the Best Mobile App development company in Hyderabad. Some of the common thoughts one must keep in mind as they progress are as follows-

  • Look For What Your Customer Has to Say

A simple aspect that gets overlooked every time here is that in the rush of providing an anecdote to the problem, we forget what is desired by our customer in the first place and why they need it. This helps us better understand the root of the issue and thus provide a larger base with relevant information to work over.

  • Communication is the key.

Keeping in constant touch with the current scenario helps one to get a better understanding of the situation. It helps in setting short term goals and understands the obstacles in one’s path well enough. Communication is the key to setting up a connection with the current scenario.

  • Feedback

It is necessary to arrange for feedback from the customer at every point. It provides various points for the customer to work on. It provides a minimal viable product accessible to all.

  • Sanctioning of small teams

Small teams help to deal with the issues well and even distribute the task. It helps in generating a quick response to the queries arising on the side of the developer.


With the increasing demand and constant push of getting to know the core well. It is generally not sufficient to know a single language for anyone working for a mobile app development company. A minimum of two is the general requirement nowadays. Nowadays, the emphasis is more on the versatility of your code rather than mastering one of them. Some of the common tools used here for each of these domains can be listed as follows-

  1. Web- development requires APIs, JavaScript as a basic prerequisite to begin. Successfully people work their way through many more.
  2. For Server technologies, PHP, Rails, Java are some of the common languages used.
  3. Native app development is used by many mobile app development companies which work through various operating systems, which include iOS and Android.

To conclude

Thus, one of the important aspects that one needs to consider here is to keep oneself updated with the current scenario. User experience is one of the prime objectives that need to be kept in mind throughout this process. Mobile app development companies must keep in mind that success in this domain can only be established by working in a team and keeping one on their toes.

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