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Web design company for Real Estate Website Design Canada

We have extensive experience in web page design for real estate agencies and we also have experience in real estate website design in Canada. We know how the sector works and we adapt our developments to the particularities of each agency.

We focus on the user experience, especially focused on the conversion in getting that visitor to contact your team and in promoting your brand through the page.

We have developed many functionalities such as chat, contact by WhatsApp, integration with social networks, multi-language, smart filters, integration with video platforms such as YouTube, Google Maps, powerful photographic galleries, virtual visits, maps, etc.

Website integration with Real Estate CRMs – Real Estate web design in Canada

We have experience in designing pages for real estate and integrating them with the real estate CRM used by each agency, also customizing the programming to the particularities of each agency.

Being the best agency of real estate web design in Canada we create web pages for real estate with elegant designs. The designs will enhance the brand of your agency on the internet, from the home page, through powerful search engines, to the property listings with powerful filters so your client can instantly find the home they want according to their choice of price, characteristics and date.

Real estate web design in Canada prepared for SEO positioning

Our web real estate web designs in Canada are optimized for correct indexing in Google and other search engines. We can also create landing pages with the terms with which you most need to appear on the internet.

And of course, all our web pages are adapted for perfect viewing and browsing on any device, be it PC, Mac, tablet, mobile and from any browser.

Objectives in the development of a web page

Some of our main objectives in creating a real estate web design in Canada are, easily updateable, positionable and compatible with all devices.


  1. Personalized, modern and attractive design that respects the client’s corporate image.
  2. Use of programming standards to make a responsive web page
  3. Integration with other Tools and Social Networks, Google Maps, Youtube.
  4. Easily positionable in search engines
  5. High browsing speed
  6. Your time is important, we make the website and publish it, or you would need to learn any software.
  7. High-performance email, personalized with your domain from anywhere in the world.
  8. Self-updating, once we make the web for you, if you wish, you can update the contents yourself in a very simple and intuitive way.
  9. Expandable, what if you want a module tailored to your business tomorrow? Or have the website in more languages? At Iparprint we will develop it for you.
  10. Navigation Efficiency, reducing the loading times of the different pages of the site.
  11. Compliance with International Site Development Regulations, which guarantee compatibility and reduction of errors.
  12. Responsive Design of Web Pages multiplatform compatibility, whether your client has a PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet, with he will be able to consult your website.
  13. Support, what if you have any questions? Call us !!, send an email as you prefer, we always answer !!

We put at the disposal of our web development projects a team of designers, layout designers and programmers.

To make the web page in 3 layers, so the modification/update of one of them does not produce variation in the rest.

The design goal will be as follows:

  1. Make an attractive graphic design.
  2. In functional design, the web user can access any information in just two clicks
  3. Intuitive navigation
  4. Allow the growth and versatility of the web page in a way that maintains the attractive design, without the need for design knowledge.

Responsive website design

The website will be prepared for browsing from different formats and will be validated by Google. It will also be accessible to browsers used by the disabled.

A Responsive design has many advantages:

  • Correct visualization from different devices.
  • Correct visualization from different browsers.
  • Search engines highly value this programming technique

Integration of the website with social networks and other Internet tools

When we develop your real estate website design in Canada we

integrate the website with other tools and existing social networks is an obligation for the correct positioning of the company on the internet.

The objective in the matter of integration of the corporate website with social networks and other tools are the following:

  • Centrally manage the company’s presence on the Internet.
  • Bidirectional publications of the contents and updates.
  • To be able to respond to inquiries from potential clients
  • Make a participatory and controlled website

Development of an updatable and scalable web page

Thanks to an intuitive back-office design, the website can be easily managed by both us and the client. The design of the page with CSS technology guarantees that even if the user does not have knowledge of website administration, the content loading always respects the design.


We improve your email service

Why choose an IMAP mail server

The differences between POP and IMAP mail are broadly:

POP mailbox

If you set it to POP, when Outlook checks for mail, what it will do is ask the server is there mail? and if there is one, it will download it and delete it from the server. If you access with another email, mobile or webmail program, you will not have those messages there.

The emails sent can only be consulted from the computer (PC, mobile, etc.) from which you have sent them

IMAP mailbox

If you set the account as IMAP, the messages are stored on the server, rather than downloaded. The email account in Outlook will be exactly the same as on the server. You will have the same emails, the same folders on both sites, and you will delete the same messages, even if you configure the account on several computers or mobiles.

IMAP is better. It is a more modern mail protocol than POP.

If your computer breaks or you lose it, or you change your email program, when you reconfigure your email account, you will find it exactly as it was.

If you use multiple devices, you will have everything in sync. And you are going to use them: more or less everyone carries their mail on their mobile and on their computer. If you delete an email that you are not interested in on your mobile, you will no longer have to read it and delete it on your computer.

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