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Ways to Use Social Media to Save Money

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedln and Instagram have become so famous. The technique behind different social media websites was to help people stay in touch with their family and friends.

Nowadays, society has gone past that notion. There is lot you can perform with your social media account, and one of them is to help you manage and keep money.

Take a look at clever ways to save money on social media.

Use crowdfunding campaigns to your ad

Use social media to raise money via crowdfunding instead of getting cash out of your pocket.

Spread the word on your social media pages when you are launching a new project or trying to raise cash to continue with your education.

When you have a sick family member or friend and the medical bills is too high, you can source for a quick online loan using your social media account.

Make sure you set your posts to the public when launching a crowdfunding campaign on big social websites. This will spread your words since your family members, and friends will also share the post on their network.

Find deals on social media

There are many companies on Twitter and Facebook that are providing coupon deals and promo discounts on their products. Make sure you follow your favourite stores on their social media pages to view if they have discounts and promotions.

Follow your favourite restaurants and be the primary to know about their time-limited promotions and keep some extra money. You can also look for follow updates or news from friends, the codes will be all of your feeds.

Get deals on used stuff

You can also use your marketplace of Facebook to sell or buy used items. By just scrolling, you will find items ranging from clothes to shoes. You can save a lot of cash buying such staff since they are priced lower than new ones.

Also, earn some extra cash by selling items that you do not need. If you want to sell used items, make sure you take best standard photos.

Check out similar listings to make sure pricing matches other listings. Selling brand new goods via social media can be best side income.

Reach customer service

Social media has become one of the fastest ways to reach customer service departments. Many firms now have customer service reprehensive who run Facebook pages or Twitter handles to react to customer concerns or comments. Contacting customer service if you have an issue with a product is one of the ways to use social media to save cash if it outcomes in a refund or replacement. 

Think about stores

If you are looking for ways using social media can keep you money, know that retailers are not the only business that post deals on social media networks. You can also score discounts by following museums, restaurants, and hotels in your area or where you plan to visit for your next holiday.

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