Want to Gift Your Boss, Check Out 5 Tips for Doing It

A worker sometimes wants to give a gift to the boss on a special day. Like for example when it’s the boss’s birthday, or maybe when celebrating another happy day.

You need to know that giving gifts to your boss is not the same as giving gifts to your other colleagues. Because after all, superiors are people you should respect, especially if you are in office.

If you are one of those who will give gifts or gifts to superiors, you should consider some of the tips below.

Invite Other Friends When Giving Gifts to Boss

If you want to give a gift to your boss, you have to pick it up with other officials. Besides being able to lighten the burden of spending gifts, this can also minimize the emergence of negative perspectives. Because if we take the initiative ourselves in giving gifts, it is not impossible that you will be considered looking for a face in front of your boss.

Not bad thinking, but in the world of work, this often applies. In addition, if you are with other coworkers who give gifts, it will create a close relationship between superiors and subordinates and between subordinates and subordinates. And of course this is for the better in improving the overall performance of officials.

Not Intention of Seeking Benefits

This matter must be avoided. Do not give gifts or gifts to superiors out of a desire to make a profit. Because looking for profit by giving gifts will only make you look cheap.

When you give a gift to a boss, the principle relates to the boss and sincerely wants to give something unforgettable to him. Because this will make you and your other colleagues feel relieved and happy, so work will certainly be more fun.

Besides being a relief, the reason for giving gifts in honor of your boss will make you look more professional in front of your boss.

Don’t Give Anything Ridiculous

Although this may seem like a trivial matter, you should pay attention to it. Don’t let you and your co-workers give you something that doesn’t make sense. Maybe something silly sounds funny, but it’s not right for your boss. Do not provide items such as gas equivalents, ashtrays or other items.

Even though your boss may be a smoker, avoid giving something that catches your eye to support the habit. It would be better if you provide sports shoes, favorite club jersey and the like. Although such an easy item, it will provide tremendous benefits to your boss.

Pay Attention When Giving Gifts

You must wisely choose the right time when giving gifts. Do not let your intention to please your boss by giving a gift, it becomes a riot because of the wrong time.

Try to give gifts during free time, free time or break time. Or, if you want to surprise yourself, give the gift in the morning, before work time. Don’t let your “event” interfere with your work time in the office, you must remain professional so that your duties and work continue to run well.

Also look at your boss’s feelings, if they look uncomfortable, or angry, so you have to wait a while so that the atmosphere returns to a conducive and angry boss.

Don’t Forget To Say Something

You can say hello to your boss directly, or if you feel bad, that too through a greeting card. Saying something simple, will add a warm feeling between you and your boss. Even if you have spoken verbally, it is still necessary to give small words in writing on a greeting card.

But you need to remember, do not be too long in giving speech through writing. Just write a “Thank you for supporting me” message for example, and don’t forget to name us below. If we give gifts together, we only share a common identity.

The most important thing in giving gifts to your boss is that you must pay attention to ethics, courtesy and professionalism as workers. Because all of you are his subordinates, you need to be careful in giving gifts and gifts.

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