Vinyl roof vs Metalsheet roof

If you are looking for materials รับสร้างบ้านโคราช for the roof of the car park. Awning to protect the sun and rain and add shade to the house. or install a roof for other multipurpose areas We would like you to compare the properties of the materials that project owners are most likely to think of. That’s a vinyl roof and a metal sheet roof. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of materials?

1. Thermal insulation properties of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Due to the properties of uPVC, uPVC is a material used in the production of vinyl roofs that are more thermally insulating than metal sheet roofs. Because the metal sheet is made of steel that is resistant to heat and transmits heat very well. As a result, the area under the vinyl roof is more cool. Although the metal roof has a sandwich version. Or the version that is reinforced with PU foam insulation (PU Foam – Polyurethane Foam), but the steel body can still absorb heat and transmit that heat to the house and PU Foam has a short lifespan when PU Foam Falling down will make it look old, dirty and negatively affect the health of the user.

2. Soundproofing ability of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Metal sheet roofs are made of steel, therefore, of course, when rain hits the metal roof surface, it will cause noise. resulting in noise pollution resulting in frustration and annoyance to residents Whether it is the sound that occurs in the area under the roof or occurring above the roof, which will be reflected into the bedroom on the second floor or to the neighboring buildings. Unlike vinyl roofs made from uPVC, it doesn’t make noise when it rains.

3. Weight of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Vinyl roofs and metal sheet roofs are very similar in weight. But compared to other types of roofs such as clay tiles or cement tiles, vinyl roofs and metal sheet roofs are much lighter. Thus saving the structure used to support the weight of the roof as well. But vinyl roofs can be used to support the beams of hardwood or artificial wood. while metal sheet roof should be used with steel structure only. Therefore, vinyl roofing can be used to design to suit various styles such as Comtemporary Colonial (Colonial) or Thai applied style.

4. Thickness of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Vinyl roofs are thicker in texture than metal sheet roofs. As a result, vinyl roofs are more flexible and have better impact resistance than metal sheet roofs. In the event of impact, such as something falling on the roof, the metal sheet behind the roof is very easy to deform. Because it can absorb less impact than a vinyl roof. And if there is a scratch, it will cause the roof to rust and cause leakage.

5. Ease of installation of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Vinyl roofs are available in a variety of sizes. Which is about 125-333 mm wide, 4,5 and 6 m long, can be used as appropriate Can be trimmed with general tools at the job site For metal sheet roofs, although they can be installed equally quickly, there is a need to be careful that in transportation and installation, the metal can be scratched easily. and resulting in rust, resulting in roof leaks later.

6. Price of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

When comparing prices for vinyl roofing and metal sheet roofing Found that the price of a vinyl roof is slightly higher. But when compared to the duration of use and the quality received, it is found that choosing a vinyl roof is much more cost-effective.

7. Lifetime of vinyl roof and metal sheet roof

Vinyl roofs are more than 10 years old when rain washes away dust and stains. It will always look new. Unlike metal sheet roofs that are reinforced with PU foam, after about 3 years of use, the foam will come off, not only being unattractive, but also negatively affecting health. And for models that are not reinforced with PU insulation, even if they last longer, they will look old easily. In addition, metal sheet roofs are also more susceptible to damage due to installation, such as leakage due to improper use of accessories. Or in the case of scratches on the roof surface or foreign materials left on the roof, it will cause rust, resulting in leakage.

8. The beauty of vinyl roofing and metal sheet roofing

Vinyl roofs are designed to have a wide variety of corrugated profiles, both round and square. Including models with smooth surfaces. There is also a model with a beautiful flat floor that can be used as a ceiling without having to install additional ceilings. Can be combined with other types of translucent roofing materials such as fiberglass sheets. polycarbonate sheet While metal sheet roofing can only be used with some translucent fiberglass sheets.

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