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Content creation is the crux of brand marketing. Among the hundreds of marketing strategies to boost your brand, creating video content is one of the most effective ones. But while creating videos is great, promoting them is key. Research shows that companies that do video marketing generate much higher revenue and traffic than the ones that don’t. It is well known that moving visuals attract more attention than any other form of media on the internet. Customers get attracted to visuals rather than plain talk. Therefore, creating and promoting videos for your product is quite a smart selling strategy.

Not just small businesses or entrepreneurs, but even individual creators and social media influencers feel the need for video content to express themselves effectively. This is where online video makers like Typito come into play. Typito is an online web-based video creation platform that helps you create engaging videos with beautiful text, images, video clips, music, and more. This may seem a great option if you need quick video solutions, while also upskilling yourself.

There are many benefits of video marketing, but the biggest one is that it’s inexpensive. Videos achieve the goals of customer engagement, brand awareness, and product promotion for a much smaller cost when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

At times it may seem like you’re running out of video marketing ideas, or if you’re an entrepreneur, then taking up the task of promotions may feel overwhelming. So, for your benefit, we have compiled 10 different things you can do to promote your videos:

● The Power of Thumbnails

It is often said that the “first impression is the last impression.” Well, in this case, it’s most certainly true. Thumbnail is the first thing that gets noticed in a video, and so you should make sure it’s good. Don’t take the power of crafting an effective thumbnail for granted, as it’s one of the most important aspects of video marketing. People click on what they like, and without a thumbnail that teases them to watch the video, it is unlikely that your video will get clicked. You can, of course, use helpful YouTube Video Making tools to make the process less complex.

● Captions for a Lasting Impression

This part may be tedious, but it is equally fruitful. You need SEO-friendly titles and captions to ensure that your video has everything that the user searches for. But you don’t have to go through the lengths of typing everything out. Some platforms automatically create video captions to make your life easier. This can be done within minutes. Needless to say, the captions greatly boost your video’s chances of appearing on top of the search results.

● Social Media Engagement

It’s your target audience that decides which social media platform is appropriate. Hit it off on Instagram if you’re looking to reach a younger mob of people. Facebook can be used if you’re targeting a niche group of professionals/hobbyists. Some video makers let you tweak the video to post it on different channels. Alternatively, you can also use a specific Instagram editor or a Facebook slideshow maker to help you get the correct tone right from the start.

● Content Optimization is key

If you know that your video is most likely to be viewed on mobiles, then you should optimize your video for comfortable mobile viewing. Typito offers tools to instantly optimize the format of your videos for top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Therefore, the type of platform you are going to use is an important consideration before finalizing your video.

● Pin Your Video Tweet

The struggle to get your video noticed on Twitter is as real as it gets. To ensure your video is not lost among hundreds of other social marketing tweets, pin the video on your feed. Your video will always stay on top of your feed without getting lost in the waves of different tweets you or your organization posts. Top industry experts have found out that pinning your videos on Twitter increases your chances of conversion. So, feel free to hop on to the trend wagon.

● Create a Catchy Introduction

In the video marketing industry, an introduction is like an elevator pitch. You have 10 seconds to catch someone’s attention. So, make sure your introduction hits off with the right content. An introduction should have everything needed to be able to make the audience stay till the end of the video. There are video introduction tools out there that will help you create stunning and impactful hooks for your video. Your opening screen should introduce your brand—its USPs, logo, aesthetics, and brand assets—without having to say much.

● Video Templates to put Your Content on the map

Nothing pumps gas into your video like some creative templates. Using video templates will not only save you time but also boost your results. People love watching videos that communicate the brand’s message with utmost clarity. Whether your video is about education, events, fashion, or food, there are a host of attractive video templates you can use. In fact, every marketer should have a pocketful of templates, because you never know when you might need to use one.

● Tell Your Story with Sounds

Use different sounds to set the mood of the video. What a lot of marketers don’t realize is that sounds are crucial for a pleasant viewing experience. Research shows that videos with audio generally perform better than those without any sound effects. Video makers like Typito have special tools just for this purpose. Add music or background scores to your videos in a jiffy! You can also remove audio from a video with the help of this tool. No expertise is required.

● Carefully Embed Your CTAs

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is non-negotiable when creating videos. These give your audience something tangible or actionable to do with all the content they’ve just watched. The most common CTAs people use for videos are “subscribe,” “like,” and “share.” But you can be more creative with them. You can ask your audience to follow you on other sites, give them free resources to check out, or link your website for further reading. You can ask them to sign for newsletters, watch another video, or just perform an action that does not benefit you in any way. Get creative with your CTAs! They are an interactive and fun way to boost traction.

● End with a Winning Outro

An “Outro” is the final chapter of the video. It sums up everything the audience has learned from the video. A perfectly planned outro can act as a hook to keep your audience loyal to your channel. You can also use it to introduce other relevant videos and make your audience want more. Typito’s Online Outro Maker helps you achieve an outro that stays in people’s minds. They have easy-to-use outro templates that you can use. Here are some steps to follow while crafting an outro:

  1. Upload high-resolution images and clips from your device
  2. Scroll through video templates on the screen and choose the most suitable option. You can also create a template from scratch and add it to your list for later use.
  3. Give your video one last preview to see if you like it, and then click on “Export.” Your video is now ready for uploading!

Over To You!

The video marketing industry is splurging right now and has absolutely dominated social media. Video content now has a huge piece of the pie. Brands, influencers, content creators—everybody is jumping on this revolutionary form of marketing. The idea of creating videos isn’t new; the only thing that is new is the perception towards video marketing on every platform and channel. Brands can no longer ignore video content as a potential tool for leveraging customers. Thankfully, creating these videos has never been easier! We hope that this article helped you demystify video marketing and its techniques. If you aren’t creating videos yet, start doing so right away. Head over to Typito’s Video Editor to try making your first video. The templates, the fonts, the designs are all there. All there’s left to bring is an idea.

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