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Video marketing is a new strategy for growing businesses and multi-million brands. Because the easiest way to grab attention is by giving the product description in a short, clean, and hooking video, so it is clear that you need something powerful and extremely professional. Like a diverse video editing software that has a range from simple editings.Like trimming, merge, colour scoring, and adding audio up to adjusting frame run rate and drop, pulldown and preview options are the requirements. 

About editing software, Animoto has been serving the community since 2006. With a diverse range of captive features and quality templates, Animoto has been dominating the market ever since. But what’s fun without any competitor in the market. Plus, how good a software is, it can’t fulfil all the needs at once. So let’s get to know about some Animoto alternative software.

Mango Animation Maker 

Mango Animate corp is creating wonders and animations since 2003. This software is easy to use for all. From newbie to professional, it has something to offer every category. 


Mango animation maker has some catchy features to grab the rank quickly and maintain it ever since.

Character Animation

Mango animate database launched various ready-to-use character animations. For example, teacher, doctor, business people, model, or such. Using more than forty character template, you can convey your message on the video very quickly. It saves you time and endorsement on a visual graphic artist.

Ready Template

You can use Mango animations thousands of free stock of video clip, music, and photos to create more engaging content.

No Copyright Strike

If you are a YouTuber, you must know the hassles of finding the right music for video or background music for effect enhancement. Mango animate has a massive library of resources, and everything is copyright protected beforehand. So you can use it without any tension.

Fast and Clean 

Mango has a very user-friendly interface. You don’t need any prior knowledge of programming or video editing, animation. Animate your video in easy steps. Everything is free here. Just drag, drop, and you are all done. 

Once you finish checking out everything, share your video online with friends on various social media platforms.

Offline version and GIF format are also available. 

Editing support

You can keep your audiences hooked to screen by rotating the camera, zooming and adding pro effects during the shoot. Post-production on-screen edits will make it more lucrative. You can control the background-clip frame rate and foreground separately. 

Advantages Of Mango Animation Maker 

Why will you choose Mango Animate over Animoto or such animation makers available in the market?  You have plenty of reasons.

Mango is user friendly, will guide you throughout, suggest best options like a best friend, and most importantly, Mango Animation Maker is cheap. It saves your time and helps to earn much. Mango will help you to develop a skill of honour and passion. 

So why won’t you, right? 


You can buy Mango Animation Maker at 67$ only. Just buy it and forget. No hassle of paying monthly or yearly. No due payment, no service cancellation problems. Get once and forever. 

Mango Animate is offering another supporting software Mango whiteboard Animation at only 99$ for a lifetime. This chance you won’t like to miss. 

Other Options: 

Like Mango Animation Maker, some other Animoto Alternatives are coming to the race nowadays. Like Pawtoon, VirtualDub, and such. Good news to us users. Because with 24/7 customer support, diverse template, and budget-friendly approaches, the war is on. So animators, unleash your dreams on the screen. Because these apps also provide direct social media sharing. It means you’re always connected, everywhere. 

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