University of Phoenix Reviews Highlight What Students Love About the School

Students must weigh many factors when deciding where to complete a degree program. First, they need to find a school that offers the courses they need at a rate that is affordable to them. They also need to consider how convenient it will be for them to complete classes when they have other responsibilities such as work and family.

The typical way to evaluate a college is to request information from each institution. However, program material often does not tell the whole story. People who are ready to invest a significant amount of time and money into a degree program want to know what attending each school is really like.

Review websites like Trustpilot give prospective students the chance to read what current and former students have to say about each school. This information can be reliable since it is unbiased, and the reviewers do not receive an incentive or reward for sharing their opinions.

University of Phoenix Reviews Show a High Overall Rating on Trustpilot

The University now has just under 3,000 people who have left a review for University of Phoenix in the two years it has maintained an account with Trustpilot.

Reviewers rated University of Phoenix as Excellent 60 percent of the time and Good 17 percent of the time, giving the school an overall positive rating of 77 percent. Students considering enrolling in the University will notice that reviewers repeatedly mention the same themes such as availability of instructors and convenience.

What Current and Former Students Love About University of Phoenix

John R. echoed the opinions of many students when he left his five-star review on May 19, 2021. He stated that he really enjoyed the online learning format and that his instructors were extremely active and supportive in this environment. John appreciated the challenging curriculum and the helpful feedback he received from his instructors, which helped him retain and apply the knowledge even better.

A reviewer named Tammy, who did not leave her last name, commented on May 19, 2021 that she enjoyed the faster pace of the six-week courses. University of Phoenix has designed its master’s degree programs for working adults to allow them to complete one six-week course at a time. Tammy felt supported by Kristina, her academic advisor, throughout the entire class and that Kristina helped to set her up for success. Tammy stated that her instructors challenged her but were always fair and did whatever they could to support all students.

Natosha H. left a review on May 19, 2021 that included similar positive feedback. However, her situation was a bit different since she had already completed her Bachelor of Science degree program with University of Phoenix in 2015. Natosha is currently enrolled in a Master of Science degree program that she will finish by September 2021.

For Natosha, the ability to take one course at a time over a period of six weeks worked well with her schedule. She did not feel that the pace was too challenging. She also commended the University’s instructors on how much they support their students and obviously care about their success. Natosha had high praise for academic advisors as well, stating that they are always motivating and encouraging.

Teresa R. commented on May 19, 2021 that she loved being a part of University of Phoenix. She stated that she could not say enough good things about the structure and ease of each class she has completed. She appreciated that the University removed all of the stress involved with going back to school by providing a plan for her to follow. Everyone Teresa encountered at University of Phoenix was helpful, kind and professional. She felt that made for an extremely positive environment.

Lawrence G. offered encouragement to future students in his review dated May 18, 2021. After describing flexibility and maintaining balance as key factors over the past year, he credited University of Phoenix for helping him pursue his dreams while maintaining other responsibilities. Lawrence cares for his family, works two jobs, and still has the time to read and answer online questions because he says it only takes him 30 minutes a day.

Joanna B. commented on May 18, 2021 that enrolling at University of Phoenix was the best decision she had made in years. She started her degree program on campus and switched to the online format after completing half of her classes. The transition was smooth for Joanna, and she always felt like she had the support and understanding of her instructors. As a single mom with a full-time job, Joanna said she could keep up with her schoolwork even when she traveled outside the country. She highly recommended the University for anyone who wants a brighter future.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix opened its doors in 1976 offering on-campus courses like all universities at that time. As the internet and online education became commonplace in the early 1990s, the University was one of the pioneers offering degree programs in an online format.

University of Phoenix students can complete an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program in the format that works best for them. Many students attended college years ago but never had the opportunity to finish because those schools did not offer enough flexibility to balance coursework and daily responsibilities. At University of Phoenix, students with prior eligible college credits can transfer them to their new program if applicable. They can also participate in the University’s Prior Learning Assessment to be eligible to earn college credits for life and professional experiences.

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