Unity Programmers For Hire: Тоp Sites To Hire A Unity Developer In 2021

What Is Unity

If you have any interest in mobile game development then Unity should be your top priority. Unity is the leading video game engine and so much more than that. This is a robust ecosystem created to help you grow and reach success. In simple words, Unity is a tool used by game developers to create and power their products.

Unity technology has changed the gaming market drastically and is fastly gaining popularity. Almost any self-respected mobile game development company has Unity developers hired. Thanks to Unit, developers can save months and even years using an already-made engine and invest the time in another direction. The main pros of Unity are that this software is easy to use, powerful, and free until developers start making big bugs.

TOP Sites To Hire a Unity Developer in 2021

While Unity is almost a kind of paradise for game developers, you may wonder where to find unity programmers for hire. We predicted your concern and prepared the list of top 5 websites with Unity developers waiting to bring your game to life.


Upwork is a freelancing network where programmers of all skills can find a good share of work. Both brand new initiative developers and seasoned veterans can be found on Upwork. Upwork simplifies the work of HR specialists by letting them view a shortlist of potential candidates. All that is needed is to enter your specifics. Another option is to wait until a freelancer contacts you on their own. Upgrading to Upwork Pro will give recruiters access to talent search assistance, premium freelance developers, and other practical features.


Daxx is a Ukraine-based company that is especially suitable for those looking to build an offshore team of Unity developers. Daxx is fully responsible for remote employment including all the costs and problems that may arise. This is how the company lets you concentrate exclusively on development. You can interview the Unity developers the site hires, go over their CVs, and choose the ones you believe would be the best fit. Sometimes it may take up to a month and a half to put the team together. You can also scale your team size any time and get yourself rid of risks related to payments.


Rexsoft is an international outsourcing company with over 9 years of experience in the IT market. It’s an abode of gems of every sphere of game development. Rexsoft gathered the best Unity programmers. Full-stack developers, PMs, QA testers – all the professionals you need for successful Unity game development are at your disposal. With Rexsoft, you can conclude a Unity game development contract in full compliance with US law. You can expect legal protection in case any unforeseen situation occurs. Rexsoft offers 3 engagement models of hiring: hourly, part-time, and full-time hiring.


LinkedIn is a social media website and a job network collecting specialists from around the world. LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and is widely known as the benchmark for professional networking social media platforms. LinkedIn is an efficient place for Unity developers to connect and collaborate. The site runs a pay-per-view system. It means you only pay when someone shows interest in your listing. Recruiters also get the list of 50 candidates and analytics to see who’s interested in the position. runs a rigorous pre-selection process of the applicants and thus earns the fame of a reputable source for Unity developers. Each developer needs to pass the English-speaking test, provide a satisfactory CV and undergo a technical coding test to make sure they’re the professionals of their sphere. The cost of your app is based on the projected time each developer assumes before the work begins. On average, expect to part with $30-$55 per hour. The site uses a custom payment system to protect you from underperforming developers. It holds the funds and only releases them when a customer is satisfied with the work done.

Hire Unity Developers From Rexsoft

Unity is the household name in the video game creation industry. This is a leading game development engine that developers must learn. Nevertheless, now it’s still a daunting task to find a skilled developer who can utilize the software to the fullest. At Rexsoft, you can hire the gems who will create your video game masterpiece.

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