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Do you want to know how to calculate unit price? Are you looking for an easy solution to make it? You are in the right place. Here you will finally learn how to calculate unit price without any effort. How is it possible? Everything thanks to the unit price calculator. Keep reading to know more about this amazing tool.

This article is entirely dedicated to the unit price calculator, but it doesn’t mean that you will find here only the instruction of using this tool. So what exactly did we gather here? First, a little explanation of the unit price definition. Second, the unit price formula, on which is based the unit price calculator. And third, the instruction of using the unit price calculator with a practical example.

What is the unit price?

To calculate unit price, it is needed to know what exactly the unit price is. So what is the unit price definition? Simply put, it is the price which you need to pay per single item, when you buy things together.

For instance, you want to buy a package of 3 avocados. The price on a package is a total price for 3 items. The unit price is the price which you need to pay for 1 avocado.

We hope that this explanation is clear for you. So now we can move on to the more practical part, in which you will learn how to calculate unit price with the use of the unit price calculator.

How does the unit price calculator work?

The unit price calculator is an online application, which will make the calculations for you and give you an exact result in less than a second. This tool is based on a special algorithm, which contains the unit price formula. How does it look? You can see it down below:

The total cost / the number of units = the unit price per item

So what does the unit price calculator need to calculate your result? You need to enter 2 numbers. First, the total cost of the whole product which you bought or want to buy. Second, the number of items, from which the whole product is contained.

After entering the data, the final result, that is the unit price, will be shown immediately. You wouldn’t wait for the result. As we said before, the whole operation will take no longer than a second.

You know how the unit price calculator works in theory, now it is time to see how it works in practice. Have a look at the example down below.

Imagine you want to buy laundry pods. You find a perfect product for you. In the package are 35 capsules. The total cost for the whole package is 12.84$. So how much will you pay for one capsule?

You need to enter the 12.84$ as a total cost and 35 as a number of items in the unit price calculator. Then you will get the result – 0.36685714. It is the full version of the result, but the unit price calculator will give you also the shortened version – 0.37. So you will pay 0.37$ per one capsule in this case.

We hope that now the topic of the unit price is clear for you. We are sure that the information in this article is totally sufficient to learn how to calculate unit price with the use of the unit price calculator. So let’s use it and check how much you pay per item when you buy your favourite products in the package.

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