Understanding the Pricing Involved in Implementing a Phone System into your Small Business

Phone systems are essential to helping small businesses achieve their goals. Therefore, it is pivotal for companies to choose the best phone system for their needs. Understanding things like pricing and the system’s benefits can help you a long way to choosing the right phone system.

There are plenty of phone system for small business options, including cloud-based VoIP services, analog landlines and VoIP systems. Choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and so it is important to understand the different systems to get the most out of your choice.

Here is a guide to understanding the pricing of cloud-hosted phone systems for small business.


Cloud-hosted phone services generally range from AUD $30 – $60 for each user per month. However, this can increase depending on the amount of features your system incorporates. This includes things like how many calls are made simultaneously and how many phones your business requires at the one time.

Businesses using multiple lines, voicemail systems and conference calls at one time required remote management and specialised onsite switchboards provided by the phone company. With cloud-hosting, the hi-tech equipment stays with the service provider and the information is stored via the cloud.

But choosing the right cloud-hosted phone system can be difficult, especially in regards to getting the right billing rate for the combination of features and services that your office requires.

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that influence the cloud’s pricing.


Most of the premium features that you find on a business phone line are bundled into cloud-hosted service packages. This includes features like call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, video calling etc. However, some of these features may add to your monthly bill.

If this is the case but it doesn’t necessarily suit your needs, be sure to review the options properly and make a decision on the ones your business actually needs. This will help reduce your business’s spending to the aspects you actually need to spend money on.

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The price of installing a cloud system can vary greatly. This is because of the additional features you choose, but also arbitrary factors like your building’s wiring and whether it aligns with cloud technology.


If your business makes a lot of international calls then this will increase the monthly cloud bill. A key factor in cloud pricing is where your business is located geographically and who you are calling.

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You want to scale a provider’s security options to your needs. Security is always a vital part of business phone systems, and stringency levels vary between providers, so make sure you choose the right one for your business’s needs.

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Bandwidth is another important consideration when it comes to your monthly cloud bill. If your business uses the phone a lot, bandwidth may be something you want to address when choosing a cloud provider. This is especially so if your broadband internet is using the same data stream as your phone system. It is a good idea to ask a professional about bandwidth and how it affects your business’s needs.

It’s all about what works for your business

As a business owner, you know just how much unnecessary expenditure can harm your company. Therefore, when choosing a cloud-based phone technology, you have to ensure that the service is going to meet your needs without providing unnecessary, expensive features. By eliminating the features your business doesn’t need and scaling accordingly, you will be able to find a cloud-based phone service that meets your budget.

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