Tricks for CELPIP Writing and Reading tests

Reading and writing tests are a major part of a CELPIP exam. If you are planning for Canadian citizenship, you should appear for the CELPIP exam and pass these two tests. Here are both the tests described for you.

The Reading Test

The Reading test assesses how efficiently you can understand anything you’re reading, be it social, personal, or work-related.

The test takes around 55 to 60 minutes. In every part, you will come across text and multiple-choice questions. Using a mouse, the candidate has to click in a drop-down box and select the choice they want.

The reading gets complex as the test goes ahead. The passages are short, but you should keep track of time and ensure you have sufficient time to dedicate to every part of the section.

It is essential to use your scanning abilities to find the best answer. If you are unsure about an answer, eliminate the ones you don’t think are suitable. Check with the leftover options, ensure you have checked the passage and question thoroughly, and then make your choice.

The Writing Test

The writing involves two tasks to assess how efficiently a candidate can interact through writing in different conditions. You have 55-60 minutes to do the test. In the first task, they have to write an email; in the second, they should write an opinion survey and explain their perspective.

The writing test comes with a spell check function. It lowers the chance of making any typos and spelling errors. Every writing task includes a specific word count. The candidate should be in the 10% of the range. The word count varies from 150- 200 words for both.

The candidate should not worry about the typing speed. The typing speed required is 5 words per minute. It is fast enough to complete the task in the given time.

When you start writing, read the given paper cautiously and understand the requirement of every question. Give yourself some time and plan your work accordingly. Always ensure you have sufficient time left in the end to revise what you’ve written.

Also, check the word count and ensure you have answered all the tasks. Re-check your grammar, punctuation, formatting, spelling, and flow. Also, ensure to use good, descriptive words and do not choose a single type of sentence structure. Bring variety to your writing. Do not use the same word twice in a sentence.

Preparation resources

  • For practice, you can choose a free online practice test. It will give you an idea of your current score and help you focus on areas where you should improve.
  • CELPIP experts are hosting many webinars to train the candidates. You should join these sessions.
  • Online material: There is a broad range of study materials to prepare for CELPIP. You can use that to enhance your self-learning goals.
  • CELPIP training near me: You can also opt for CELPIP training near me and get guidance for your preparation.
  • Online tutor: You can hire an online tutor for a customized learning experience.

Follow the above tips for reading and writing tests and get good scores.

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