Translation Services: It’s Time to Prioritize Your Considerations

Prioritizing your content for translation and using a certified translation service is of immense importance when launching a new product in a new region or expanding your particular brand in international markets. Read on to learn what kind of content you would like to prioritize first of all for translation purposes:

Marketing Copy

The first step to accomplish any successful product launch is awareness. Hence, companies need to make sure their brand message is consistent across all platforms and translated correctly. Besides, you must translate the marketing copy and any relevant documentation first before anything else and precisely as well. Not to mention, moving forward, this will be the backbone for your product offering.

Support Documents

Users rely heavily on support documents such as knowledge bases or help centers when learning new features or troubleshooting any kind of problems before moving towards live support. Hence, when you enter a new market with a service or product, you must provide any relevant support information such as technical information, How-To articles, learning centers, or user manuals in the language(s) your target audience understands. 

Platform Updates or New Features

What if the consumers want a new function or feature to the solution you are offering? It would only be best to prioritize the accurate translation of these new functions and any associated documentation as soon as you can. 

As a case to point, companies can drive greater user acceptance of these new functions by offering in-platform walkthroughs and pop-up announcements in their native origin language.

All Legal Content 

It is crucial to prioritize any legal information or documentation before you launch your service or product into a new area. You should translate licenses, SLAs, terms and conditions, or any other legal documentation to prevent any legal issues down the road. It is in your best interest to engage the services of a translation agency with experience in translating legal documents accurately when you are creating this content. 

A Key Consideration to Take!

A chief consideration in the translation of the official website of your brand is making sure that your website functions and looks just as good in a target language as it does in the original native language. Most of the time, phrase lengths on your original site will appear to be much shorter or longer in target languages.

Words and terminologies in certain languages such as German have a tendency to be much longer. If you do not consider this additional length, it will most probably result in breaks in the text (unexpected), and that leads to a defective layout.

That is precisely why it is vital to share the source files of your website with your translation provider or agency you are seeking translation services from. Just pass along a URL list over to them and expect to get accurately translated content is a big mistake. Websites comprise significant back-end data, which you need to isolate from the text that requires translation.

Furthermore, you have to localize images and text for every language to appear on your site in a seamless manner. A translation provider that has significant experience in services relevant to website translation can help you identify what file formats will function ideally for your content export and your translated text re-import.

Make sure that you discuss all of these considerations when you engage the services of a quality translation provider that can meet all your translation needs and then some!

So, if you are looking for the best translation services, Circle Translations can help you with that in multiple languages from all over the world.

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