Trading Strategies For Crypto Exchanges | Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Cryptocurrency is getting very popular with each passing day, and there are several reasons behind it. The most obvious reason is its high potential and growth. Many new investors have started to invest in crypto to take the benefits out of it. Crypto exchange platforms are the primary source of crypto trading, and there are many cryptocurrency exchanges. KuCoin has stood out among all the crypto trading platforms and is considered as reputable cryptocurrency exchange due to its high liquidity, coin access, user support, strong network, security, and advanced features.

If you are new to crypto investment and want to learn new techniques and strategies, this article is for you.

Day trading

This is the most popular and basic technique in crypto trading. It is associated with short-term investment and is called day trading because it only lasts a day. In this type of trading, investment is made in specific coins, and they are sold another day at the same time to avoid overnight fluctuation. In this type of trading, the user can even invest in low-profile coins.

Range Trading

Several experienced traders and analysts give out the range of the coin by which it can rise or decline in a day. Market players use this to analyze the rewards and risks in the coin, and they can trade better by knowing the risk. The upper point is called resistance, which means the maximum value the coin reaches in the day, and the lower limit is the support, which means the drop or fall of the coin in the day.


It is the trading of the coin by analyzing the trade volume. It is a high-risk business but also has high rewards. Scalp traders analyze the assets, past trends, volume to invest and exit the mount and gain profit.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

High-frequency trading requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and algorithms to analyze the coin’s patterns and invest in the best coins that have the potential to grow. The mathematical software is referred to as trading bots, and KuCoin is one of the best trading bot providers.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging is the intelligent strategy to have a better market entry and exit point. The method involves investing a constant amount in a particular coin at a regular interval. This minimizes the risk margin and helps in better estimation of exit time.

Build Balanced Portfolio

It is better to analyze the pattern and estimate the risk before investing in a particular coin. It is better to invest in cash with a high potential to go up when you are investing for a long time. Investing in a low-profile coin has a high risk because the coin can vanish or become zero.


Arbitrage is a strategy in which the user takes advantage of the market’s liquidity. A user buys the coin on a certain market at a low price and sells it at a high price. The fluctuation of the cost is basically due to the difference in liquidity.

Thus KuCoin crypto exchange with many out class strategies like NFT, trading bot, Crypto mining pool, Bitcoin mining pool, capture the investors in market. Moreover KuCoin has its currency called KCS, enabling the user to trade between coins easily.

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