Top Ways You Can Tell That Your Car’s Battery Is Dying

Present day vehicles have many more electrical components that vehicles in the past and this causes a significant strain on the electrical system of the vehicle. This then makes it even more difficult for the vehicle’s battery. Some of the new electrical components that cause this strain include power locks, DVD players, GPS systems, heaters, power seats, music systems, power outlets and more. Additionally, you also need to keep in mind the transmission computer, vehicle engine, sensors, stability control and more also drain the battery. Even when your vehicle is turned off, the security system still needs to be functional and powered by the battery. Also, the local weather conditions also affect the life of the battery.

Basically, these batteries get worn out as time goes by. Eventually, they will die and your car won’t be able to start. This can occur due to normal wear and tear, age, connection corrosion, leaks and more.

It is best to replace your vehicle’s batteries before it completely dies. So, we will now dive into the signs that indicate that your car’s battery is near the end of its life so that you can replace it before it is completely dead.

1. Check Engine Light Is Activated

There are multiple reasons why the check engine light may be on, however, one potential reason is that the battery is dying. Be sure to read your vehicle’s manual so that you can see what the check engine light means for your particular vehicle. Also, you should still get your battery tested to rule it out.

2. Slow Starting Engine

Whenever a car’s battery is about to die, you’ll notice that the engine is very slow to start. This is because as a battery dies, the parts lose functionality. This will result in the battery being slower at its jobs such as creating sufficient charge to start your vehicle. This can cause it to take a couple of seconds extra when it has to turn on the engine.

3. Electrical Problems In The Vehicle & Dim Lights

As mentioned previously, your car’s battery is responsible for providing power to all the electrical aspects and features of your vehicle. So, if the battery is dying, then these components won’t function as they should. For example, you’ll notice your car’s cell phone charger, seat warmers, radio etc not functioning as they should. This is a strong signal that there are problems with your battery.

4. The Connectors On The Battery Are Rusty Or Corroded

Look at your vehicle’s battery and carefully observe it. If you notice any ashy or white substance on the metal parts of the battery, then this means that there is corrosion. In particular, if the terminals or the connections are corroded, then this can result in problems with voltage which can lead to issues actually starting the car.

5. Rotten Smell

When you open the hood of your vehicle and you smell a rotten scent, then this indicates that your battery may possibly have a leak. This can occur due to a short in the battery or if it gets damaged.

6. Dented Battery Case

It is possible for your battery’s case to get cracked and swollen due to high heat or cold exposure. If it looks any different than it should, then this is an indication that your battery needs to be changed.

7. Old Battery

In most cases, a car battery has a life span of between 3 to 5 years. However, there are many things that impact the battery’s life span and this includes driving habits, weather etc. Therefore, it is important that once your battery is over 3 years old that you regularly have it tested.

Once you notice any of the above issues and you’re not certain of your battery’s age, then you need to do a battery load test. This can be done by Art’s Auto body and Paint Shop and the test will show the current strength of the battery and if it has to be replaced or not.

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