Top Ways to Make Easy Money in 2021

Relying on regular income can turn out to be a big gamble if you have no alternative sources for extra money. Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us ways to earn easy money remotely without selling much of our time. From trading in used items to playing online casino for real money, there are now endless easy ways to make money on the side. The easiest way to make extra money is of course playing casino games. They offer the most convenient conditions. 

But are they guaranteed ways of earning easy money from home? Let’s find out below on these and other easy ways to make money fast in 2021.

1.Become an Online Freelance Writer

Online freelance writing is one of the top ways on how to make easy money online today. With freelance writers contributing to more than 50 percent of the available web content, there’s every chance you can also earn extra money from online content writing. 

If your writing skills are above average, you’re good to throw your hat into the ring and start earning some easy money from the comfort of your home. Previous writing experience and expertise in more than one niche will also help you succeed in this field.

2. Affiliate Marketing

What if you could earn more money at any time, from anywhere, by staying online a little longer and helping big brands advertise their products? That’s the whole concept behind affiliate marketing, a common strategy employed by many brands to drive sales and generate online revenue. 

The idea here is that you advertise products on behalf of a company or an individual, usually via an affiliate network.  You can make loads of extra money through commissions if people end up buying via your shared affiliate links. 

3. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube now gives you an easy opportunity and platform to make money by creating content. The secret here is creating content your audience wants that either delivers insights or entertains. For instance, if you’re passionate about cooking, you can create cooking tutorials and share them on your YouTube channel.

However, you need to focus on a single niche before diversifying your content. Continuous creation of good content will earn you more subscribers and YouTube views which translates to more earnings.

4. Save Money from Your Expenses

Saving is one of the best ways to earn easy money that most people aren’t aware of. By cutting back on unnecessary expenses, you set up an easy way to save money, resulting in more money in your pocket. 

There are many ways you can build a good savings culture without compromising on your lifestyle needs. Whether you love spending on drinks or recreation, you can cut on the money you spend and still enjoy what you love best.

5. Leveraging On Cashback Apps

Do you know some apps let you earn redeemable prizes by shopping online? You save more money that’s redeemable in points from these cashback Apps by shopping online for simple household items. 

These apps award you redeemable points for every purchase you make from specified online retailers. You can claim gift cards or earn easy money via PayPal when your cumulative points reach the redeemable target. Rakuten is one of the best sites that lets you earn extra money in cashbacks for shopping through their portal. 

6. Commence Online Tutoring for Students

The pandemic came with its set of challenges that continue to affect us up until now. But it also taught us many ways to earn easy money even when locked up in our homes. One such way is conducting online tutoring for students at home when in-school learning activities are temporarily on hold.

School-age children are in constant need of tutors for online teaching. But since most teachers can’t provide the required one-on-one support for each student, this puts online teaching services on demand.  You can partner with students to fill in the gap left by their teachers and earn easy money from your services.

7. Writing and Publishing e-books


Writing can be a lot of work given the time and commitment it requires. But do you know it’s also one of the easy ways to earn extra money in 2021? If you are passionate about writing, you can choose to venture into writing e-books and sell them on Amazon or ClickBank platforms.

Earning from e-books is not as quick as other ways on this list. However, if you make your work more appealing to reach a broad audience, you can be sure of hefty earnings. Publishing ebooks can also be a great way to build a good audience for your other future works.

8.Take Social Media Management Roles


Many small businesses have shifted their attention to social media to tap into the broader market and increase their sales leads. These businesses also view social media as more effective in handling and attending to their customer queries.

Suppose you understand the fluidity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In that case, you can help small businesses promote their websites and handle customer complaints services at a fee. 

9. Jump onto Paid Online Surveys


Paid online surveys are prevalent nowadays. The best thing is that most of them provide decent pay if you’re willing enough to take up the challenge and fill in their surveys. While it may not be the best way to earn passive money, online surveys still provide you with a chance to earn easy money with relatively no skill required.

10. Sell Products on e-commerce Platforms.

With e-commerce platforms, you need to identify easy things to make and sell for money online. Afterward, figuring the best platform to sell them will determine how much you earn from every sale. 

For instance, e-commerce platforms such as eBay have broader access to a vast market that can benefit you depending on the product you sell. Alternatively, you can also start your e-commerce platform and use other leading platforms such as Amazon to grow your site.

Final Thought

The income you earn is possibly not enough to cater to all your needs; that’s why you need to supplement your income by learning more ways to earn easy money. The above-listed ways are among the serious considerations you can make to ensure you don’t leave easy money on the table.

What ways have worked for you so far in earning easy money? Let us know in the comments.

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