Top Features You’ll Find at Sobha Dream Acres

One of the perks of residential apartments is its added amenities. When looking for a home, you’re likely to come across everything from the private swimming pool, to gyms, and entertainment centers. There are many features that may actually benefit. What do you really need while searching for a new house? Would you use the fitness center? The community halls look grand, but are these luxe amenities your wants or needs? Sobha Dream Acres located in Bengaluru is one of the best well-planned townships that can balance off your needs. As you weigh in your options, it’s a great idea to filter out your requirements. This will help narrow down your house selections.

So, let’s look at what Sobha Acres has to offer in terms of amenities along with other important details.

The Best Facilities About Sobha Acres

The following are the facilities/amenities Sobha Acres:

1. Swimming Pools at the Clubhouse

Many home buyers and renters are easily drawn towards an outdoor/indoor swimming pool. In fact, it is one of their top choices for luxe apartment facilities. A swimming pool is on the wishlist of most buyers, and that is why many residential communities include them. In fact, one of the top facilities/Amenities Sobha Acres have five luxury clubhouses with swimming pools for its residents. This is not all. The clubhouse also offers other amenities like an indoor/outdoor sports area, open-air theatre, coffee area, clinic, including others.

2. Private Balconies

Balconies are another top priority for homebuyers who enjoy an elevated view from their own apartment. Having a balcony will offer all that and more. It’ll allow you to relax whilst giving you privacy. You can decorate your balcony by throwing in outdoor furniture, indoor plants, decorative pillows, and lightings. The properties for rent in Sobha Acres have balconies integrated into their 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes. They are beautifully designed with ceramic floor tiling and concrete handrail for proper safety. In addition, the location of Sobha Acres has a private setting which makes the place not only stay in high demand but also offer panoramic views.

3. Covered Car Parking

It is a given that the location of Sobha Acres makes it a selling point for residential communities. But there are more facilities to Sobha Acres Bangalore than you think of. Their gated or covered car parking allows residents to appreciate the safety and parking convenience. It also keeps vehicles safe from seasonal inconsistencies like rain, direct sunlight, snow, and other hazards.  

Sobha Acres is a great place with awesome features and additional perks-whatever you’d like to name it as. If you’re thinking of moving into Sobha Acres Society then we won’t be surprised. What is the price range Sobha Acre, you ask? It is between 37.15 L-76.95 L. Consider all these factors and see if it suits your lifestyle. The final call is yours. 

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