Top Benefits of Using a VPS for Your Business

As you look at the many available web hosting plans, Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of the choices. A VPS allows hosting web resources to be dedicated to your site, and the number of resources you get will depend on what type of plan you choose. Critical considerations as you select a hosting plan are

  • Your current web traffic,
  • The type of site you’re running,
  • If you plan on transferring your website from one host to another, and
  • The required level of security and stability.

VPS hosting by AccuWeb Hosting allows you to have a private server or slice of one which you can manage and customize to your business. 

The following highlights some of the top reasons why a small business should consider VPS hosting:

Increased Performance

Shared hosting means that other sites can affect your website’s speed and functionality. If one website receives high amounts of traffic, it can slow down the rest of the sites on the server. 

This is not the case should you choose VPS hosting. You will be able to monitor your load times, space, and other factors that affect your site’s performance. You have a dedicated space independent from other website issues. 


One of the most significant benefits of using Virtual Private Server Hosting is the security it provides. Not only does it allow increased control over your website, but it also provides an additional layer of protection. With VPS hosting, you can choose which users and folders on your server are public or private. The effort prevents hackers from targeting your website. You also have more control over software installed and any updates needed.

It’s Cost-Effective

A VPS will give your business all the benefits of hosting a website on a dedicated server without having to pay for the whole server. If you compare the cost of having your dedicated server to that of having a VPS, the latter is cheaper. You only pay for what you use. If your site doesn’t require much bandwidth or memory, you will pay less every month.


As your customer base expands, so will your web traffic. You can easily upgrade your system resources with a few clicks of the mouse without switching hosting providers. This ensures that you won’t run into any problems when your website starts experiencing high traffic volumes—upgrading when on VPS doesn’t cause downtimes like it would with shared hosting.

SEO Benefits

A VPS gives you complete control over your server space, which is essential for SEO purposes. It means that you can install any third-party software and modify your site’s .htaccess file to include custom rules and meta tags. 

You will also be in a position to monitor your site’s performance and resolve any issues quickly. Because you have separate independent server space other website issues don’t interfere with your site’s performance. 

Key to note, search engines check the site’s uptime before ranking.  Other web hosting issues that affect SEO include:

  • Speed
  • Root access
  • Security
  • Reliability

Control Over Your Server Space

A VPS plan is like owning your very own computer. You can install and remove software according to your needs. When using a shared hosting plan, you usually don’t have root access. You’ll most likely have a Cpanel for your account, which is more like buying a PC with limited specs or preinstalled software that you cannot uninstall or update at will. 

Having complete control of the server boosts security and performance and enables you to monitor resources better. A VPS hosting plan also gives you the flexibility to set up customized firewall rules; this is particularly critical for businesses dealing with sensitive data. They can set up as many security measures as possible to protect vital information.

Customer Support

The VPS plan comes with a dedicated customer service representative who will assist you round the clock. They will make sure that any issues with your site are resolved without delays. The service is critical because problems that take a long time to fix can result in business losses. 

Depending on the hosting plan you choose, you can also create multiple websites under your hosting space and add one or more domain names to each of them. You can then manage all your sites from a single Customer Area. Doing this makes it easy for small businesses to manage their online presence without worrying about hosting issues.

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