Top android farms to test your android applications


This era is that of web and mobile applications. Nowadays, consumers prefer to have all the information right in their hands. This preference is the reason many companies are now launching their mobile and web-based applications. It has resulted in generating more traffic for their products.

However, launching an app is one thing, and maintaining and ensuring it runs smoothly is another. This situation is where a device farm comes into play. It can be for iOS or Android, or both operating systems. In this blog, let’s understand how one can debug an android app remotely through an android device farm.

What is an android device farm?

The android device farm is a service that makes your devices available to your testing and development team for testing devices remotely. Your team can do android penetration testing from anywhere even if the devices are physically located elsewhere. This means that even if the team members are located in different places they have easy access to the devices. Further, you can avoid buying and maintaining multiple devices at different locations and save on costs.

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An android device farm can help developers to test their applications on the devices and identify potential problems.

Top android farms to test your android applications

Following are the top android device farms in the market to test the android applications :

1. Firebase Test Lab

It is one of the popular cloud-based apps that run tests on both android and iOS devices to check their efficiency. All the devices that are running in the Google data centre are used for testing. The device is put through the hardware and configuration, which the user in the real world encounters.

2. AWS Device Farm (Amazon )

AWS Device Farm is another application testing platform used to run tests on real mobile devices. One of the benefits of this device farm is that it can be used on multiple devices simultaneously, hence reducing the execution time. If you want to use this device farm, you need an AWS account and valid credentials.

3. Samsung Remote Test Lab

With new Samsung phones launching into the market every few months, there was a need to test all such devices remotely, without installing any testing infrastructure. Samsung developed a remote test lab to provide quality assurance apps to its users, regardless of the type of device and operating system it’s running on.

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4. 42Gears AstroFarm

This remote device testing platform eliminates the need to physically access a device before testing apps on it. Astrofarm hubs are created automatically for each company as soon as they sign up on 42 Gear. The hub can be used to connect multiple company devices that can be accessed immediately from remote locations. In short, the company has its own mobile device farm.

5. Kobiton

The industry’s first script-less automation solution, Kobiton, provides a real user experience for testing to its users. It can provide continuous testing of devices. Its testing tools help recognize the issues and resolve any failures with accuracy and efficiency.

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Once the developers have made an android app, they need to test it professionally before launching it. A device farm helps them to do that affordably for different automated devices. To conclude, android device farms are a great solution to debug the android app remotely and avoid any missteps in the application post-launch.

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