To deal with or fix “The useState set method does not immediately reflect a change.”

In order to The useState set method does not immediately reflect a change in the state. You are going to want to make advantage of the useEffect hook. In the same way that we make use of componentDidUpdate. It will update your posts if something new occurs. In the same manner as the code below: 

useEffect(() => { // setPosts Here }, [posts]);

Your issue will be resolved at this point.

Fix “The useState set method does not immediately reflect a change.

Method 1: Utilize the merge response

Merging response with initial data is another method you should be aware of, and you may implement the callback syntax of state update with the specific spread syntax usage shown below.

setPosts(prevPostsData=> ([…prevPostsData, …newPostsData]));

As soon as your response is merged, the error will be completely resolved.

Method 2: Utilize React.useRef ()

The final strategy uses “React.useRef()” instead of “useEffect().” Because “React.useRef()” facilitates instantaneous transformation in the React hook.

Let’s execute the below code.

const posts = React.useRef(null); 

useEffect(() => 

{    posts.current=’values’;   

 console.log(posts.current) }, 


After executing this code, you will observe that the error has been successfully addressed.

Method 3: Test a temporary variable.

In this instance, if you are incapable of assigning a value, we strongly suggest using a temporary variable. Your API may need you to wait a while before setting the value.

The following code demonstrates how to resolve this error:

const [posts, setPosts] = useState([]); 

useEffect(() => 

{     const myData = await axios(


 method: “post”,       

url: “my_api_call”,    


 const newPosts = await; // Temp Variable with await setPosts(newPosts); }, 


After executing this code, the error is immediately resolved.

Method 4: Obtain the “useEffect hook”

Regarding the second scenario, we recommend acquiring the “useEffect hook.” It is similar to “componentDidUpdate” and can update your articles gradually. The code below demonstrates it.

useEffect(() => {

    // setPosts Here



We hope issue will resolved and that the error “The useState set method does not immediately reflect a change.”will be erased.

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