Tips on How to Buy Antique Jewellery For Cheap

As I said in an earlier article, antique jewellery is not dead! In fact, in today’s market, it has never been more popular than it is right now. That means you can buy everything from engagement rings to wedding rings and brooches. And there is also a lot of choice – the same high quality items but at massively reduced prices. The key to this boom in vintage jewellery sales is that antique jewellery is no longer considered frumpy or old-fashioned; it is seen as a highly sought after and stylish item.

Why should you be looking at antique jewellery?

After all, it’s very much a product of the past. And it has been for thousands of years – there is nothing dated about pieces of antique jewellery. This means that – unlike modern jewellery – it is likely to have better quality, more design and better craftsmanship.

What exactly does this mean for buyers?

For one thing, it means that you can get a piece of jewellery for a fraction of its original price. It’s likely to have been made with a thinner metal and even fewer stones. It’s far more likely to be made by a master craftsman and it’s also likely to have had the craftsmanship corrected – so you’ll be buying an item that has been worked on. Carus jewellery is a trusty place to buy antique jewellery.

Antique jewellery range of styles

This means that you can get something really unique, or a piece that is very similar but with a touch of your own style added (I’ll talk about this more in my other articles). You can also opt for something that is designed specifically for women, such as a pearl necklace or a gold pendant. Men are similarly well catered for with items like cufflinks, watches and rings available. These can be particularly good buys as they will reflect your own style – the great thing about antique jewellery is that it’s likely to stay in style for many years to come.

Can it be worth investing?

If you can find a piece of jewellery that you particularly like, it can be worth investing in. It is possible to make improvements to jewellery so that it becomes more valuable over time. Jewellery can be repaired, re-made or re-styled so that it can have a new look. Even a badly made piece of jewellery can be made to look a lot better than it actually is – it’s important to keep an eye out for pieces that look like they could fall apart any second.

Final thought

Buying antique jewellery doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a low quality product. It is still possible to get high quality jewellery if you know where to look. I have bought many pieces of antique jewellery personally and I know how difficult it is to tell the difference. However, there are some things you can look for that will help to make your piece of jewellery much more affordable – don’t forget to look for rare stones or semi-precious stones that have been cut in a particularly unusual way. These small differences can add up to a huge difference in price.


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