Tips for Improving Your Website Rankings

Knowing where your website traffic is coming from needs to be known if you want to start improving your website rankings. You can get a free SERP checker tool to track your Google rankings. Google is one of the most utilized search engines, with Google being utilized 75% of the time. Over 90% of website visitations are derived from search engines. If Google does not know your website exists, then it will be nearly impossible to generate any internet-based leads for your business (website). Getting a website audit to fix issues on your website can help you boost your Google rankings. Here are another 5 ways to improve your website rankings:

1. Keywords

    • A keyword is identified as an informative word that defines what content is about. Keywords are entered into search engines by searchers to produce results that are relevant to the keywords.
    • Using targeted keywords will allow for organic traffic to your website.
    • To identify the best keywords, one must understand what the needs of their target audience are. This can be done through having conversations with customers, visiting online forums, and conducting your own keyword search. 
      • Researching the competition helps identify the best keywords.
      • Find out what phrases and word searches your customers are using.

2. Content 

    • Your website should contain information and content that is relevant to your product or service. Quality content is a prime factor in improving your search engine rankings.
    • The keywords you identified, use those in multiple places throughout your website.
      • Make content stand out, use bold fonts, italics, or underlining.
      • The world is constantly changing, making sure your content is updated regularly and remains relevant positively influences organic traffic.
    • Content that is only informative faces long periods of low traffic.
    • Repetitive content is not useful! Make sure the relevant content has variety to keep the searchers engaged.

3. Visuals

    • Many people do not know this- images (pictures, graphs, GIFS, etc.) are a great way to get more traffic to your page and to have search engine crawlers find your website!
    • People are drawn to things that are visually appealing; having images that support a website’s message, product, etc. is a great way to increase the website’s rankings.
    • Visuals that move, such as GIFS, intrigue searchers and keep searchers on your website for a longer period of time.

4. Website Upkeep

    • As noted earlier, making content relative to the times is crucial.
    • Trends change quickly so even though an image or phrase is trending now, does not mean it will be trending tomorrow. Having a set schedule to update the website is a strategy to ensure the website has its best change of being clicked on.
    • The schedule must be a priority! Once the schedule is determined, do not push it off. Complete it thoroughly, if you do not then your competitor will.
    • Keep a running document of changes you have made and changes you want to make. This helps track what is and is not working.

5. Usability 

    • Your website needs to load quickly and correctly. Images need to load properly, formatting must be correct, and other internet platforms should be an option.
      • Internet platforms include- Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, etc. When a website only works correctly on one platform there will be a decrease in traffic
    • Having social media platforms linked on your website allow for additional forms of engagement
      • Create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to increase your visibility as an available product or service
    • Mobile Apps- create a mobile app for your product or service. This simplifies the amount of work a searcher needs to complete to get to what you are offering.

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