Time-Sensitive Compliance: How Online Training Helps? 

For many employees, compliance seems far away from them. When compliance requirements are changed on the brink of end dates, it applies extra pressure. 

You would like your corporate learners to absorb their lessons. It shouldn’t be something they only want to look over. Similarly, you would like them to comply before their deadline. It could prevent thousands of dollars. 

With the right learning management system, online training provides ease to employees without stretching their working hours. Cornerstone LMS reviews go beyond delivering training and compliance to develop an engaged, skilled, and collaborative team. 

Below are 5 ways in which online compliance training can assist you to address time-sensitive compliance topics.

5 Ways To Address Urgent Compliance Online Training Topics

1. Invest In A Compliance-Centered LMS

Buying a ready-made compliance online training course looks like a simple solution. It’s comprehensive and easy to access. Unfortunately, because it’s a third-party product, you don’t have much control over it. Therefore when the regulations change, the only option is to wait for software updates. 

Hence the developers do not have any real incentive to upgrade because you already paid them. Rather than outsourcing, consider building your own compliance online training course. 

  Invest and build your own personal LMS that permits you to manage and control your online training content and make changes as required. In addition to basic features, it can also include certification support and advanced reporting capabilities to increase effectiveness and track time-sensitive compliance.

2. Expanding Certification Online Training Courses

Regulations don’t change that regularly. It might be once a year or even once a decade. During the interim, you have access to existing online training materials. And if you’ve been part of the industry long enough, you’re aware of the rules. 

So, when things do shift, you understand when, where, and how. This experience helps you form the required tweaks for time-sensitive compliance issues. You don’t need to change the entire thing. Just navigate to the relevant section and alter it to reflect the new rules. 

If it needs additional clauses or online training content, your experience helps you place them in. And can do it without spoiling the flow of your material.

3. Integrate Real-World Simulations

There are two components to compliance Regulatory change management.. The first part is the statement itself, which corporate learners have to memorize. And the second part is the application of the memorized information in real life. So, as you include that new policy, accompany it with a demo—either an audio or video clip. 

Also, with the help of practical branching scenarios, corporate learners can mimic a (non)compliance scenario. This helps the corporate learners polish their newly acquired skills.

4. Offer Updated Infographics For Better Knowledge Retention

You probably loved comic books as a child. Few of us still read them, though it is popularly known as graphic novels. Either way, the mixture of pithy words, colorful pictures, and dramatic scenes endeared these books to us. 

Infographics to an adult identically make sense. They’ll not have charismatic superheroes, but they are built with memorable icons and witty wording. They help to condense large volumes of data. 

Design an infographic that covers updates and append it to your current time-sensitive compliance online training course.

5. Design An eLearning Template For Fast Change

One of the perks of online training is that you don’t need to start from scratch whenever new laws or policies are updated, especially if you build an eLearning template with all the essentials and placeholders that can be easily updated. 

For instance, rules can quickly be swapped out for updated protocols or legislation that pertains to your industry.


When goals are shifted towards the brink of the deadline, they are often frustrating. Fortunately, there are many clever tips and tricks, which can be used to update your compliance online training course, even when you’re on the brink of the finishing line. Get an LMS that permits you to form DIY course adjustments.

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